Dr. Jackie's Lingering Questions

Dr. Jackie's Lingering Questions

Jackie discusses her thoughts on what went on when the white coats came off.

So here we are together all in one room and of course it looks like an operating room! When I'm in am OR it's usually to look diagnose and repair the problem!

Well tonight we are STILL trying to diagnose and repair the problem(s)! It's still some of the same old questions with the main questions being:

1. Did Toya and Eugene mean to spill the beans about Mariah and Aydin's daughter?

2. Who started the fight?

3. Who is friend or frenemy?

4. Will the ladies stay together for another season?

Well there are a lot of hard questions that went out with some tempers flaring and tears almost falling! The one thing I can say is hopefully wounds can begin to heal and we can all stay married to medicine! I do know I will stand firm representing the calm(est) side of things and keep my reactivity to an all time low because ther I no room for any more drama!

Everyone looks beautiful and hopefully can end this season feeling like they have been true to themselves and true to the man or woman that ties them to medicine! It's been a long hard season but I think lives have been changed forever! The world has seen what happens when the white coats are on and OMG have they seen what happens when the white coats come off!

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