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This House Divided Against Itself Shall Not Stand

Dr. Jackie wishes that there was a way to get Toya and Mariah's sense of balance back in shape.

By Jacqueline Walters

Again, I am a doctor who works a LOT. I love what I do, and as it's been stated it doesn't allow me a lot of a social life. Tonight's episode again was hard for me to watch. I think I've been hoping for a sign of healing but tonight, I didn't see any.

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In a place where there is no unity, there are going to be FIGHTS and differences will be amplified by even the smallest things. Things are getting a little petty. I am not saying we don't have differences of opinions, but we must agree to disagree. I sound like a broken record. These wounds are still open and no one appears to care for a remedy of healing. Constructive debates and resolve are nowhere in sight. There is constant "salt throwing" (shade). Salt in an open wound burns! We are wired to respond to burns. This is a prescription for another "slap-slap"!!! Though I sure hope this never happens again.

Many things, including sharing a SECRETS or a slip of the tongue (whichever it was), can cause us to disagree in our lives. If only we had a rewind or delete button in life. Assaults have been made -- but can be repaired if we can acknowledge our part. Imbalance brings pain, confusion, and chaos in our lives. I can replay the details of the fight and ask who was right or wrong, but there will never be an agreement on how and why it started. But does it really matter at this point?

Of course, I have been accused of "taking sides" but I am past all the mudslinging. Often times if we really assess the situation, it's the choices we make that affect us in damaging ways. The only way we can heal pain is to stop the confusion and rid our lives of chaos (which can sometimes be people).

In these days with social media and people hiding behind a computer and slinging so much disrespect (cowardice behavior), we live in a world that is so out of balance that our sense of harmony is desensitized. The only way to deal with this loss of balance and harmony is to work on healing our pain, stopping the confusion and ridding our lives of chaos.

There is so much inviting and disinviting that I am confused. I am hoping for healing and will seek to see if there is something I can do to facilitate this healing process. I get ridiculed for even trying to help. It's a no-win for me, but I will continue to fight for unity. Hopefully someday soon "a change is coming" and we can all sit at the same table and agree to disagree with kindness and respect.

J.M.Walters, M.D.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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