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So Not Interested in Mariah

Toya is not interested in talking about Mariah, but she will tell you about her Puppies in Paris outfit.

By Toya Bush-Harris

To begin, if you take anything away while watching this weeks episode, please know that it is very important to me to shield and protect our children. I acknowledge the damage that fighting has on children and do what is in my power to keep my kids from witnessing conflict. Parenting means protecting children from witnessing actual arguments, and also managing conflict so that it does not interfere with parenting decisions or with the childrens' ability to enjoy their time and build positive relationships. My effort to manage the conflict is in itself the reason for Mariah's dis-invite to the Harris' Spookie Ookie!

How to Watch

Watch Married to Medicine Sundays at 9/8c and streaming next day on Peacock.

Children's needs are ongoing and conflict can interfere with meeting the daily needs of our children. When I decided to have children, manage a home, and marry my husband, I decided to be the woman God called me to be. With that being said, you may have caught me slipping when put in a position to defend myself, but you won't catch me again. At this point, speaking to Mariah is seemingly a challenge that I chose to just avoid. SO NOT INTERESTED!

"So not interested," seemingly just applies to me. . .You've probably noticed how in every scene Mariah has, she references ME. No really, watch the episode again. It's kinda scary:

--baking cookies, "Toya"
--Planning dog party, "Toya"
--Mariah in the car with her husband and yes kids, "Toya"

Final thoughts…

Not one person has ever mentioned Mariah's daughters adoption since my husbands compliment, except Mariah, Lake, and Lucy.

Quad asked what I was wearing at Puppies in Paris. . .Guiseppe Zanotti sneaks, True Religion jeans and t-shirt, David Yurman hoop earrings and Victoria's Secret underwear!

I'm glad Quad thinks etiquette classes are necessary, I suggested that in Episode 1.

Mariah, I can't turn friends against you, because they were never your friends to begin with.

Jacqueline, I suck!!!! I'm sorry I didn't send you an invite to Spookie Ookie. I thought all the kids would have you needing migraine medication. LOL. the next party I host, you will so be there! I have just the game for you to over see.

Lastly, I discussed this weeks events with Eugene, and he was very disappointed in himself. Eugene prides himself on being a fair, nice guy, and is extremely loyal to those he loves. That's one of the things that I love about him. He was very upset hearing about the fight and has said often that it is a good thing that he wasn't there -- not because he would have fought, but because he would have definitely wanted charges to be filed and an arrest to be made. Although he has calmed down as far as legal action, he is still very angry that I was assaulted and still feels as though his family was (and still is under) attack from their lies and misconceptions.

So this week he suggested that I disinvite Mariah, oops Lakeisha, by telling me to write "B---- you're not invited". Eugene's been very upset that he suggested that I refer to her in that way. Although he is very angry and hurt by Mariah's actions, he does not feel that someone's daughter, wife, and mother should be referred to in that manor, because he'd hate for anyone to refer to his mother or wife in that fashion.

Thanks again for reading,

The truth always...

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