Mariah Wants to Be the Center of Attention

Mariah Wants to Be the Center of Attention

Lisa Nicole Cloud can't believe Mariah is rude enough to try to upstage a child's birthday.

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

This week’s episode is a true fairytale with all the necessary characters: queens, kings, princesses, princes, fairy godmothers -- and even a wicked witch. The question is however, who do you see in the different roles of this fairytale?

We open the show with glimpses of some of the ladies with our children. I think it's great how this show truly depicts successful women with all the many hats we wear as mother, wife, career women, daughter, and friend. This show is truly about real women, real issues, and real life drama.

On this episode, I was eager and excited to put on a fabulous birthday for my little Princess Amira Faith. As mothers, we want more for our children than we had growing up, and this birthday celebration was no exception. I spared no expense as I planned this over the top royal tea party. My husband and I invited all the ladies and their families. Against my better judgement, I invited Mariah -- even though I’m closer to Quad -- because Mariah has children and I thought our families would have a lovely time together. By inviting Mariah, of course my fairy godmother, Quad opted not to come.

I asked each lady to come dressed as a queen, as this was very appropriate attire for the royal occasion. We pampered each little girl and treated her like the princes she is. The day was full of activities such as carriage rides, arts and crafts, and an etiquette class from the renowned Miss. M of Miss M’s finishing touches etiquette school ( This day was about creating a memorable family day and instilling positive values into our children so they know their worth. This day was also about positivity and family building; creating stronger bonds between mothers and daughters and fathers and sons. Can you imagine that even at such a positive affair the ladies could bring drama?


The day started off very nice. All of the ladies arrived on time and in the fashion I requested. All except one that is! Mariah arrived two hours late with her entourage. I invited Mariah, Aydin, the children, and Miss Lucy. But Mariah came with at least five extra people. She didn’t come with a bodyguard this time, but "rose throwers" instead. As the family entered my home, the rose throwers threw roses on my floor and someone in the entourage (I believe it was Mariah) knocked my daughter's portrait off the easel and broke it. Who does this in someone else's home? In my opinion Mariah came with a calculated plan to make a grand entrance and upstage a child's birthday. People wonder what issue I have with Mariah and after this episode I think it's clear. She’s rude and disrespectful of other people and she wants to be the center of attention at whatever cost.


Because the Huq entourage was late we made a decision to delay opening the door until there was a break in the etiquette lesson. My intent was not to be rude to the Huqs, but rather to be respectful of the teacher and guests who were participating in the etiquette lesson. While waiting at the door Mariah's family made several nasty remarks. In my royal opinion, "If the Queen is late. . .she shall wait." After all, etiquette says you don't arrive fashionably late to a child's birthday party. They only waited about 10 minutes and they called me rude for not immediately opening the door. . .

Let me tell you what rude is -- rude is throwing roses down my driveway and into my house, arriving two hours late with an entourage, and then coming in my home and knocking over my daughter's portrait. Rude is arguing at the dinner table about not getting an invitation to the couples' trip. Did she ever apologize? NO! Did she have her rose throwers clean up their mess?NO! Did she ever offer to replace the damaged item? NO! But in her mind she was completely respectful of my home.

With the children right next to us, her sister Lake and her mother carried on with Heavenly. Miss Lucy even started rebuking demons in my house. Uhhh excuse me, I don't need you calling up any evil spirits in my home. Can you say: "Pastor please come pray over my house after this event is done."


Mariah you can say whatever you want, comment on whatever you want in the interview chair about me, you can carry on at my conference, you can make nasty remarks about me when I leave (stay tuned for that. . .), you can call me the "boring new girl," and I'll turn the other cheek because I’m not interested in drama. But when you come and disrespect my home and my family, this is where I draw the line. I tolerated it at WEN but NOT in my home. NO MA'AM!

This event is truly where my opinion of Mariah shifted. I don't hate or dislike, her because I love all God's children, but I do eliminate TOXIC people in my life and I call BS when I see it. Trying to upstage a little girl's princess party with your drama and shenanigans is why the self-appointed Queen B is the "Drama Queen" in my book, or why some might even go as far to give her the title of "Wicked Witch." You be the judge!

One last point I want to raise about Mariah's actions at the party. . .did anyone pay attention to the advice Mariah gave to the little girls when all the queens shared their wisdom?

Mariah's advice was "Pretty is, as pretty does. Carry yourself like a beautiful lady." Based on your actions towards Quad, Reco, Brian Lamar, Toya, Heavenly, and now me. . .what does that make you? Are your actions beautiful and kind or ugly and evil? Just some food for thought.

On a more positive note, I loved seeing my husband as the king of our castle. He looked so handsome and I loved the message he gave to the little girls and little boys. He always tells Amira she is a princess because he believes if you treat your daughter like a princess early in life then later in life she will know her value and worth and demand to be treated as the queen she is. He also spent some time with the little boys talking to them about how to treat a lady and how to be a gentlemen. What a great father Darren is! I'm such a lucky woman.

On a final note, I am looking forward to the couples' trip. I think the right people are going, and I think the trip is going to be a weekend of bonding with new friends and sharing experiences that help other couples grow together and appreciate the journey of marriage.

Stay tuned for more of the Married to Medicine fairy tale -- or should I say saga/drama? Real women. . .real issues. . .real life drama.

Love and success,
Lisa Nicole

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