Toya on "Dr. Heavenly University"

Toya on "Dr. Heavenly University"

Toya is surprised Dr. Heavenly would insult her behind her back, but isn't surprised this group brings the drama.

I am so excited for Season 2 of Married to Medicine!!! As you can see we have come out blazing and will not disappoint you in the drama department.


We are a group of women with very different views and we love to voice our opinions. The problem with this group of women is our opinions are not always a fact, but we love to boast as though they are.

Now Mrs. Heavenly, it's very difficult for me to hear someone say, they love my spirit and consider me a friend, but then turn and insult my intelligence. Dude, I don't mean to insult you, but when I hear Heavenly speak, she doesn't articulate very well. And to then say, "I'm not the brightest in the bunch." Hmmmmm she must have graduated from Dr. Heavenly University.

As a stay at home mom, to say "submission" is ironing shirts and cooking dinner. . .Ephesians 5 means submitting to your husband in Christ in everything. It by no means implies that it means cooking and ironing a shirt. Who has the final say in your household? Submission is coming up under the mission for your household. For example, My husband doesn't want me working, therefore I am being submissive and a stay at home Mom.

Lastly, as I watch Mariah's family dinner, I noticed a problem within our culture; to teach a young boy to physically assault a GIRL is beyond my comprehension. We are perpetrating abuse within relationships and that is unacceptable. I believe it is very important for a mother to address bullying with the parents of the child and the school. If they are unsuccessful in their attempts then they should continue to advocate for the child, but never result in violence.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Toya Bush-Harris

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