Heavenly: I Hope We Can All Move Forward in a Positive Way

Heavenly: I Hope We Can All Move Forward in a Positive Way

Heavenly explains her relationship with her husband and her thoughts on the Lisa Nicole and Quad drama. 

I love my husband with all my heart. He knows that I have always been a go-getter and a hard worker. I don't want him to work all the time like some of the other husbands and wives; I want us both to work part time.

He and I should both be home so we both can enjoy our beautiful children. Damon feels strongly about being the provider for our family, and he feels that I should be home more to take care of him and the kids. Honestly, I'm not complaining, that's what a man should do...but can we compromise?

You know Jackie and I always joke around and we throw jabs at each other. I must say I think it's funny, but know that I have nothing but love and respect for her.  It hurts my soul to see her cry, and I will pray for the complete healing of her father. God is in the healing business! 

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Jackie Is Faced With a Difficult Decision

I'm so happy that Quad finally has something to do! She looks so happy!  I wish things could go back to the way it was. I really like Quad. One thing's for sure, though: The people at BCBG couldn't have made a better choice to allow Quad to model their clothes. She has the body of a goddess! I'm glad her good friend Jeremy was able to make that happen for her! 

But here's the deal, why does Quad always make it so people have to make a choice?  If Jill has a party, we can all come; it’s for a good cause. Lisa is trying to move forward and put all this behind her! I'm having the feeling of déjà vu--didn't this same thing happen last year with Quad and a different person? 

Quad Has a Big Problem With Jill's Guest List

I hope we can all move forward in a positive way. This Quad and Lisa thing has gone on too long! I'm sick of it! 

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