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Heavenly: Let's All Grow Up

Heavenly has a few words for Dr. Jackie.

By Heavenly Kimes

Ok the sh-- has just hit the fan!
First, Jackie knows what she is doing. Fit Is the New It?...Right, whatever. She is just trying to joke around about something that is very serious to me. I lost over 80 lbs, and it is a constant struggle. It really hurts me that she thinks it's something to toy with. Coming to my house in the middle of the night with a scale! Who does that? And now she is doing a Quad and Mariah by letting someone else do her dirty work. Was it really necessary to say our weight out loud in front of everyone? That was in very poor taste, Jackie! Why don't you just call us all fat asses and get it out the way!

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Not Everyone Is Enthusiastic About Jackie's Fitness Plan

I love the way I look. And I'm very healthy, as I say all the time. I think stress and working too many hours is not healthy!
Ok here is my take on the Quad/Lisa incident. First of all we all know Lisa ran a background check for the reunion show last year! She did one on myself, Mariah, and Quad. And Quad only because they had only been friends a few months and her PI thought it would be best. 

Lisa did NOT bring up the backgrounds. I did. Whatever is in my background I know about and will own...because I did it! 

I do think Quad went too far when she said lies about Lisa Nicole's husband. There is no illegitimate child. Now granted Quad was wrong, but there is never an excuse to hit or throw water on anyone. 

Both the ladies are wrong, wrong, WRONG.

Let's all grow up. And move on.
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