#Married2Med Producer: Things Went Too Far

#Married2Med Producer: Things Went Too Far

A #Married2Med producer tells us what we can expect from this week's episode--and the rest of the season.

Hey there, Married To Medders! Welcome to the first behind-the-scenes producer’s blog for the show.

Before we preview the toughest part of this week’s episode, there are a few other fun events brewing in the lives of our doctors. Dr. Simone gets herself a fancy new car. Proving the words of one Britney Jean Spears to be true, ”You wanna Maserati? You better work bitch!” The hard working OB/GYN is trying to show her two adorable boys Miles and Michael, that if you work hard enough, you can treat yourself to the finer things in life.

We find Dr. Heavenly getting an impromptu make-over by the ever precocious Alaura. Dr. Heavenly’s wise-beyond-her-years daughter has quickly become a fan and cast favorite as she is one of the few people that can render Dr. Heavenly silent. Alaura is giving Heavenly’s wardrobe the once over, and let’s just say that Caitlyn Jenner fared better when Kim Kardashian critiqued her wardrobe than when Alaura assess Heavenly’s.

Now onto the most difficult part of this episode…Lisa Nicole and Quad meet up for a lunch date that goes so wrong I do something I never like to do when reality is happening…I have to step in. I never like to break the flow of a scene, and I find when these women get into living their lives in front of the cameras after a few days, they forget we are there. I was shocked that I had to step in here, but things had gone too far, in a way that no one expected. I truly believe that both Lisa Nicole and Quad wanted to squash this beef about Lisa running a background check on Quad. Things started to go wrong once they both started revealing what they found out about each other. Stories of drama, seduction, and betrayal were bandied about, which led to an unfortunate situation that they're both sure to regret.

What happened at this lunch date will have lasting ramifications throughout the rest of the season. Quad is so upset that she eventually seeks the sage legal advice of Miss Phaedra Parks. These women all live in the same world in Atlanta and there will be more RHOA crossovers to come. More surprises pop up throughout the season as enemies reconcile and we see the return of Mariah.

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