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Quad Webb Opens Up About Lows In Her Past Marriage: "I Would Try to Kind of Mask That"

The Married to Medicine friend once felt like "a gloomy cloud" was hanging over her. Now she isn't holding back anymore in life — or on Instagram.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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When we first met Quad Webb in Season 1 of Married to Medicine, she and her then-husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, were newlyweds, having tied the knot in 2012. But as the seasons went on, viewers witnessed turbulent times in their marriage, culminating in the announcement that Quad had filed for divorce in 2018, which was finalized by the time Season 7 of Married to Medicine premiered the following year.

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Though it has taken Quad a couple of years to find her light again after that difficult period, anyone who has looked at her Instagram lately can see that she has never seemed better, sharing fun moments with family and friends, as well as serving looks that belong on the runway and in the boudoir. Even in just a simple selfie, Quad is radiating positivity. "What you see is for real," Quad said of her recent social media activity during an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider in March.

Quad explained that she previously felt like she had to be a little more guarded with her life while she was dealing with issues in her marriage. "It’s different when you have a husband, and of course a husband that’s in this line of work as a physician, because a lot of things you may experience or you may be going through, even though it may hurt you, you’re still always thinking about his career or how it’s going to make him look if people knew X, Y, and Z. So for the longest, I would try to kind of mask that," she shared. "It was sheerly just out of protection for my husband and me trying to really figure out what was going to be my next step. So even though my marriage did not work out, and I was going through some tough times in my marriage, I still was very careful with divulging certain information."

But as we saw on Married to Medicine, it eventually got to the point where Quad said that she could no longer live like this. "It’s difficult. You’re in this situation, and it’s like, I need to make a decision. But am I really ready to make that decision? And so what you want to do as a wife is try to do everything that you can to try to keep your marriage together. But you still don't want to be mistreated in the mix," she said. "And so for me, if me staying married meant me to be mistreated, then I had to leave. And you all had an opportunity to see just that."

So now that Quad is single, she feels much lighter. "I don't have a gloomy cloud over me. You know, I don't have this whole problem going on in my life, and this person zapping my energy, but yet I'm still trying to go out into the world and uphold us. I don't have that," she said. "What you see is what you get. I'm a fun-loving person, I'm a hard worker, I'm dedicated to my family, and I love life. And that’s what you can take away from me."

So, those sultry vacation pics that were notably mentioned in the April 11 episode of Married to Medicine? Well, Quad said that it's photos like these that just go to show how much she isn't holding back anymore. "I’ve always been very confident. And those who are insecure may mistake it for arrogance. But that’s on them. But I’ve always been very confident," she said. "I think me being single and me having a strong support system within my family and my friends, they’re like, 'Listen, girl. You’re super sexy. You’re super beautiful. You’re super smart. You need to let people know.' And so I was a little apprehensive initially. Then I was like, you know what, forget it. Go for it. You’re turning 40 May 13. Go for it. You look better than a lot of 20-year-olds."

On a more serious note, Quad also shared how the passing of her younger brother, Quentin, in December 2020 made her realize the importance of experiencing all that life has to offer while you can. "This is one life. And you have to live your life to its fullest ability," she said. "And I’ve got to say, I think losing my younger brother definitely showed me that."

With her divorce finally in the rearview mirror, Quad is now able to spend her time focusing on what she values most in life. "Now I'm happy. I'm free. I'm enjoying life. I'm loving myself more than any other time in my life," Quad said. "I have my family, I have my loved ones. Things are just really, really, really good for me right now."

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