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Dr. Damon Kimes Reveals What He Really Thinks of Being Called "Daddy" and His Nickname for Dr. Heavenly

The Married to Medicine dentist unveils the origins of her husband's famous moniker.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Professionally, he may be known as Dr. Damon Kimes, but to his wife, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, and to all the Married to Medicine fans out there, the Georgia-based doctor is simply known as Daddy.

Having your term of endearment shared with the entire world might be uncomfortable for some, but it all just comes with putting your life on display as part of the Married to Medicine cast. "Well, it’s normal for me because she always called me that once we had kids," Dr. Damon explained during an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider. "When we had our kids, they would say, 'Daddy this,' or I would say, 'The Mama told me to tell you this,' and it just became what they called us. They called me Daddy, and they called her Heavenly the Mama, or sometimes they’d call her Mommy or Buddy Girl." 

So, Dr. Damon said that he doesn't mind Dr. Heavenly calling him Daddy at all. "Yeah, I like it, and it’s always what we’ve said," he shared. "So people have made a lot out of it, but it’s normal for us because that’s what we’ve always said."

Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Damon will be celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary in August. They are parents to three children: sons Damon Jr. and Zachary, as well as daughter Alaura.

In fact, Dr. Heavenly's nickname for Dr. Damon originated for a very practical reason around the time they first started a family. "I kind of called him Daddy because my oldest boy and he had the same name. So when I would say 'Damon,' both of them would answer. So I don’t know how I got it, but I would say, the Daddy. And then he just became the Daddy. He’s always been a Daddy," Dr. Heavenly explained during the same interview with Bravo Insider. "Everybody's trying to put a sexual connotation on it, but it really wasn’t. It was just, you know, how country people do. They call their wives Mama and their husbands Daddy. Like, that’s how that was."

Dr. Damon also has a nickname for his wife. "I mean, I call her Buddy, and I call my oldest boy Buddy. We kind of named him after one of my uncles who passed who was just a real nice guy and, you know, it was kind of an ode to him," Dr. Damon shared. "Yeah, I don’t have any other nicknames. I just hug her all the time and kiss her all the time and call her Buddy, and that’s it. I do it on the show, too."

Dr. Heavenly added, "He calls me Buddy because I’m his best friend."

In regards to those who have poked fun at Dr. Heavenly's moniker for her husband, which you'll also often see included as "#TeamDaddy" in her posts on Instagram, the dentist said, "I think if that’s the worst thing they can fault me on, you know, I’m pretty good on that."

Of course, Dr. Heavenly has also gotten flak from some of the other Married to Medicine ladies for often describing her marriage as "perfect." In Dr. Heavenly's response to that criticism, she explained that it's not that she and Dr. Damon never have any issues, but rather, it's an expression of her general outlook on their relationship.

"No marriage is perfect, so I’m always being facetious. But my whole thing is if you speak positive things, positive things come to you," Dr. Heavenly said. "We do have ups and downs; I just never dwell on them. You know what I’m saying? I don’t speak on them 'cause I think when you speak on them you make it more of a problem."

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