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Girl Code, Interrupted

S7/EP6 |
Aired: October 13, 2019
Jackie invites the group to Savannah for a girls’ trip. Feeling called out by Damon, Heavenly takes it out on Toya. Mariah goes after the group for perpetuating lies against her. By the end of dinner, Jackie’s “friendship revival” is on life support. 43:24

Naked and Not Afraid

S7/EP5 |
Aired: October 6, 2019
Toya shocks the ladies with her idea of an art class. While Simone and Cecil give the boys a safe sex talk, Jackie does some sexual research for an exciting new project. 43:24

Ballin' On A Budget

S7/EP4 |
Aired: September 29, 2019
Contessa realizes that being away in Nashville is making her a distant memory to her family. Simone's friend Buffie throws a Fab and Frugal party where things get ugly when Toya is put on the spot about past money woes. 43:24

Resuscitated Friendships

S7/EP3 |
Aired: September 22, 2019
Simone and Quad struggle to repair their friendship. Toya and her family struggle to heal from her miscarriage. Jackie and Simone hatch a surprise dinner with Heavenly and Mariah to work out their issues. 43:24

Stirring the Teapot

S7/EP2 |
Aired: September 15, 2019
Toya tries to put on a brave face after a devastating loss. Quad updates the ladies on her divorce. As the Twitter war between Simone and Heavenly comes to a fever pitch, Jackie throws an "Emergen-Tea" party to set everything right. 43:24

Open and Honest

S7/EP1 |
Aired: September 8, 2019
The ladies of medicine are back. Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie shake up the group with their Open and Honest podcast. The ladies try to come together at Heavenly’s Hollywood Glam party, but the night quickly turns into chaos. 43:24

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Married to Medicine

Mariah Huq Took a Drug Test?!

S7/EP6 Toya Bush-Harris reveals some shocking news while confronting Quad Webb about her issues with Mariah Huq.