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Reunion Part 3

S7/EP18 |
Aired: 01/05/2020
The reunion concludes as Andy is joined by all the couples. Damon comes face to face with his actions in Cabo. Aydin and Mariah defend themselves. Toya opens up about her past love, upsetting Eugene. Contessa speaks her truth. 43:24

Reunion Part 2

S7/EP17 |
Aired: 12/29/2019
Part two of the reunion continues as Andy welcomes the husbands to tell their side of the story. Mariah discusses the allegations brought up against her. Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie shock everyone when they reveal a rift in their friendship. 43:23

Reunion Part 1

S7/EP16 |
Aired: 12/29/2019
Quad discusses her current relationship status, while Simone surprises everyone with new information about Dr. G. Buffie confronts Dr. Jackie causing Heavenly to leap to her defense. 43:24

Arabian Nights

S7/EP15 |
Aired: 12/22/2019
Toya's Arabian Nights Housewarming party hits a snag when Buffie breaks down, Jackie steps away from the ladies, and Contessa and Mariah break the peace of Toya’s two-story closet in an epic showdown. 43:24

Trouble in Spa-radise

S7/EP14 |
Aired: 12/15/2019
Back from Cabo, Quad celebrates her new found singledom with pal Cynthia Bailey. Scott and Contessa have a major breakthrough in therapy. When Buffie throws a spa day to recharge the friendships, the last thing on the agenda is rest and relaxation. 43:23

Swap Till You Drop

S7/EP13 |
Aired: 12/08/2019
In Cabo, the group participates in a good old fashioned wife swap - with games on the beach! Contessa and Scott put on a brave face, but their marriage issues are bubbling under the surface. Quad's divorce proceedings inch closer to the finish line. 43:23

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