Ep 1: Dynasties, Dinero, and Dysfunction

Ep 1: Dynasties, Dinero, and Dysfunction

Raquel Knows Best
Season 1 |
Aired: February 26, 2019

Doris Bessudo returns to Mexico City to help her mother, famed Fashion critic Raquel Bessudo, pick up the pieces after Doris’ father’s death.  Meanwhile, renowned Mexican singer and actor, Fernando Allende and his wife Mari, anticipate the arrival of their oldest son Elan and his wife Jenny, who have returned to the city to take the next steps in their music career. Things get uncomfortable, however, when Elan’s younger brother Adan is forced to give up his bedroom the night before his big audition on La Voz (Mexican version of "The Voice”). And finally, popular tv personality Oscar Madrazo returns home from a fabulous vacation with his children only to have to bury a family member who’s been kept in the freezer of his inseparable, zany sibling, Paulina Madrazo, for a week. All three families reunite at a welcome home party for Doris, but old rivalries arise between Elan and his brother, when Adan and Fernando steal the musical spotlight.

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