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S1 - E2

Ep 2: A Star is Torn

Elan and Jenny Allende kick off their music career by signing with a major Mexican record label. The brotherly Allende competition continues, as younger brother Adan auditions for La Voz with an “epic" performance, making parents Fernando and Mari gush over their child prodigy. Meanwhile, Doris adjusts to working in a home office, but can't get her newly-widowed mother Raquel to leave her alone to work in peace. When Doris finally convinces Raquel to attend Oscar and Paulina's Canasta party to get her out the house, Raquel accidentally offends several of the Madrazo children. Later, in a turn of events, the Allende family try to convince Adan that signing the La Voz contract is not good move for his career, putting him in a spot where he must make one of the biggest decisions of his life. 

Aired: 03/05/2019