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An Intimate Profession

Nathan discusses the tricky relationship between decorators and clients.

By Nathan Turner

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great July 4th weekend!

Mine was a fun filled family weekend in Charleston, South Carolina in celebration of my cousin Cameron's wedding. The brides mother was so sweet and confessed she panicked when she heard I was coming -- she was so afraid I would be hyper critical of her decor. It was a lovely, old fashioned Southern wedding at The Citadel chapel with the reception at a stunning plantation. . .made me want to pack up and move south!!!

This week Martyn travels to London with my buddies from Poor Martyn was challenged with budget constraints. My trip with OKL to India was the opposite. . .a bit of a free for all! Glad we were able to run a second OKL sale last week. Thanks to all those who visited! How lovely was Kathryn's project in England?? Leave it to Ireland to be decorating the home of her ex boyfriend...that's one of the reasons i love her. . .once she's in your life, she's there forever.

Jeffery and Ross keep plugging away at The Hungry Cat. Can't wait to see it completed!

And Mary. . .what a bad match that would have been! I remember when she was asking me what I thought, if she should take the job or not. Decorating is such a tricky job, it is one of the most intimate professions I know. We are in peoples homes and learn everything about our clients and how they live (sometimes too much!). A good client/decorator match is really important, and in a weird way I interview potential clients as much as they interview me. Things can get complicated if you take a job for the wrong reason. Like any good relationship, at it's core there must be trust, patience, understanding, and respect. I think it would have been a disaster between Dru and Mary. . .she was sweet but they were not on the same page. BTW how stunning was Mary in that yellow dress? As my mother always says, "that Mary is such a glamor doll."

See you next week when she and I go to the rather un-glamorous HighPoint, North Carolina to show my furniture collection for Elite Leather. See you then!

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