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Mountains out of Molehills

Nathan discusses why broken can be better and the joys of seeing his fellow decorators in action.

By Nathan Turner

Broken tiles! Geez, talk about a mountain out of a molehill. . .

This happens so much in our business. Someone thinks something is ruined or damaged or can't be repaired. . .then drama ensues. What I have learned is inevitably things go wrong. Period. The difference is how one deals with it. I always stand by my mistakes and fix them, and only want to work with vendors that do the same. There are so many details that go into creating an interior, mistakes are bound to be made and problems always occur. So if you're an at home decorator, and you make a mistake don't beat yourself up. . .it happens to all of us.

Fortunately, Melissa's tile situation was more of a misunderstanding than a mistake. The tiles have real age and rough edges, chips etc. . .but that's what I wanted. (Believe it or not sometimes old and broken is more valuable -- crazy, I know.) Overall, the job was quick and easy and Melissa was happy. In Melissa's case I'm more of an executor, she has such good taste and knows exactly what she wants, and always comes in with her own vision.

A little south of Laguna, Jeffery was installing a beautiful house in La Jolla. (I loved the staircase.) I spent a lot of time in La Jolla as a child, as my aunt and uncle live there, and I really love the old Spanish style houses and laid back elegance of the town.

Back in Beverly Hills, I love what Mary did with Kendra's guesthouse. . .dramatic and layered, but still clean. I'd love to be a guest there!

OK. . .Martyn and his chocolate addiction. I was cracking up! I too love chocolate (all things sweet really. . .I have the taste buds of a 7 year old!). So I don't think I would even want to be hypnotized not to eat it! Would you??

I'm having so much fun watching the show and reliving all the crazy moments with Mums and the rest of the gang. I'm also loving seeing everyone's work. It's so nice to finally see beautiful home décor on television. . .What took so long?!

To see more of what I do go to, follow me on Twitter (@nturnerdesign) and Facebook.

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