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Josh Shares Heather's Side of the Co-List

Josh Altman lets Heather explain how she felt about Madison crashing (and critiquing) her listing with Josh Flagg.

By Josh Altman

M stands for Malice

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Hey everybody, this week I thought this episode was great! I thought I would let Heather write the blog. . . 

Hi all, it's Heather Bilyeu. First, I would like to start by apologizing to everyone for being exposed to this silliness of the long and drawn out Heather/Madison saga. I think we are all on the same page that this is old news and we all want to move on Madison! Boring...snooooze!


Madison has clearly not let go from our fall out from over two years ago. I thought we had both moved on and we were in a good space, especially since on our last two meet ups we genuinely (I thought) had heart-to-hearts and hugged it out. BUT apparently not and, sadly, that was just a front on Madison’s end.

I don’t know what Madison’s motives were showing up to my and Flagg’s open house. He knew it was my listing because it was advertised with my name on it! Madison is trying to create drama and connect dots that are just not there. Comparing my co-listing with Flagg to the co-listing with Madison and I from years ago is like comparing Target to Neiman's.

Plus, why do you even care Madison?!? You don’t care about me and you definitely don’t care about Altman so why get involved? Just trying to stir the pot. Even Flagg thinks your accusations are ridiculous! And speaking of reputations, why would you attack me in public at my and Flagg's open house when you have said in the past that type of behavior is so inappropriate and pathetic, yet it’s OK for you and your “older” assistant (her words, not mine) to do? Go figure. Not so innocent.

And if you really must know Madison, Altman and I keep business and personal separate. Meaning my business is MY business, not Altman’s, not Flagg's, and not yours. Altman and I have an understanding and a respect for one another. We support each other growing individually, as a business, and a couple. We will always be able to move on from the little things because we want what’s best for each other. At the end of the day, business is business, and I do what’s best for my business and my clients. If I made every move based off of other people’s feelings and permission, I’d still be working as your assistant. Businesses aren't built on feelings and butterflies, they are built on blood, sweat, and tears, so sometimes people get hurt but everyone moves on because it is not personal! I run a successful business with integrity and my clients would say the same, despite you trying to drag my name through the mud. Let’s close this chapter already!

On to something better and more meaningful. . .Altman seeing my ring for the first time brought tears to my eyes! As hard as his exterior may appear, his inside is just as soft and sweet if not more! Altman is the most amazing man I have ever met and makes me melt every time I see him (I know. . .puke. . .but it's true). He loves me unconditionally and it's his mission to make me smile every day. What more could you want from your best friend?


Anyway, thank you for watching and until next week!

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