Josh's Legs Were Sore from This Sale

Josh's Legs Were Sore from This Sale

Josh Altman talks about his client's adorable baby client and calls out a cause that's near to him and Heather.

Fun episode. All I remember from that sale is how sore my legs were from running up and down seven flights of stairs. My new clients were a lot of fun -- and the little baby was adorable.

This week I wanted to bring attention to a great foundation called Bone Marrow Foundation. We lost Heather's father last year to Bone Marrow Cancer and he was an amazing man that was so kind to everyone he knew (and he and Heather were especially close). I never got to meet him but was lucky enough to speak to him on the phone many times before he passed. We know he is smiling down on his little girl and couldn't be more proud of her.

See you next week

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