Real Estate: A Mixed Bag of Personalities

Real Estate: A Mixed Bag of Personalities

Madison reflects on the many wacky people in Los Angeles real estate (himself included).

Oh this is getting fun, and funny!

Some of my favorite moments in real estate are the people, not the properties. Not only is every day a spontaneous adventure of real estate porn, but buyers/sellers/agents are all a mixed bag of personalities, especially in this town. And who am I kidding, as I am fully aware I am my own crazy self too.

And, did you all see my new rescue dog, Maya! She is a doll. You can see more pictures of her on my Instagram/Twitter (@MadisonMalibu). She came to me a little traumatized, but since dog training and lots of love she has evolved into my cherished spirit.

Again, I continue to be grateful and humbled by your comments and support -- even you haters.

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