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Chris Senses Sexual Tension Between Chad and Sam

The Miami agent also defends his over-the-top lifestyle and thinks Sam needs to grow and learn some "Northeast class."

By Chris Leavitt

I am thrilled to be part of Million Dollar Listing Miami and I have been anticipating this first episode for quite some time.

Did I think my derrière would be the lead in to my introduction? No, but whatever, you only live once, and I'm not getting any younger so might as well flaunt it! I just wish I had spray-tanned but I only have so much time for my beauty treatments and I can't do everything.

In this episode you see the real Chris Leavitt as I am every day. This is how I wake up every day, with my housekeeper bringing me my green juice, opening the blinds and getting me motivated (I could sleep all day). My morning bath is also part of my ritual and an absolute must. All these practices get me in the right mindset to tackle a jam-packed, crazy, hectic day.

I live life like a loose garment. I don't take things too seriously and I don't really care what others say. The things I do make me happy and content so I do them. Others may call me over-the-top or obnoxious, they just don't know me.


On to business and the matters at hand: Bal Harbor is the Bel Air of Miami. Perfectly manicured streets, not a thing out of place. The St. Regis is in the center of it all, and it happens to be one of my favorite buildings in Miami as it has the chicest design and the best amenities, especially the Remede Spa. I truly think it is most sophisticated building and the most glam in Miami right now. I say "for now" because there are so many amazing buildings being built now that will be on par with it or succeed it.

Getting a listing here is exciting for me because I really understand the luxury lifestyle that is offered here.

I am a bit nervous and the stakes are higher than usual because my client is very volatile. One minute I'm in her good graces and the next I'm not and can easily be replaced. So I have to move this apartment, or otherwise on to the next realtor. Just because I have sold her multiple apartments before doesn't mean that there is loyalty there -- trust me!!!!

I was in shock when Inga's customer, Julia, decided to take the apartment because I don't think that she liked it (must have been the language barrier). The whole "lease with option to buy" was ridiculous, but when I basically said, "Show me your cards," with a deposit and she did, I knew we were dealing with a very real buyer.

My co-stars: Sam and Chad fighting is just annoying. I'm sensing some sexual tension if you ask me, and I'm pretty intuitive! Sam is really trying to move into our territory and she has every right to be there, but she is too emotional and doesn't handle Chad's commentary very well. Be a lady and thank him for his opinion and move on to your other guests. That's what a good hostess does. Does she need to take a page out of my "Northeast class" book? It wouldn't hurt. . .

Can't wait to write more and I hope you enjoy me this season.

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