Luis' Perfect Pair: Film and Real Estate

Luis' Perfect Pair: Film and Real Estate

Luis discusses combining his directing past with his real estate present. Oh, and how Karma's a bitch.

This week's episode I have to admit, was extremely entertaining. On one hand, you have me and my colleague, Antonia Watson, doing everything we can to sell the beautiful penthouse at 220 Riverside Blvd. On the other hand, you have Ryan being punished by the bigger man Fredrik.

Antonia, is a great agent at Keller Williams NYC. She's one of the very few people I can say with confidence that will go very far. That's why, when she approached me to partner up with her for a listing appointment at 220 Riverside Blvd., I was honored and excited. It's amazing when you know you're working alongside great people. 

We secured the listing by overpricing the unit. Yes, that was a mistake because we didn't manage our client's expectations; however, it provided the opportunity for us to try our best to make it work. I should have stressed the price I was expecting for it to sell, regardless of what we were asking for. 

I always wanted to be a film director, so the fact that the seller was an actress and the apartment looked like a set from a movie provided me the opportunity to combine Real Estate and Film Making…BOOM! On a separate note, I was a film director and I shot my first film "Amalia" in La Paz, Bolivia, which ended up in many festivals in the US and Puerto Rico.  And it was very good, thank you very much. 

Let's Make a Movie!

In the end we did our job. We brought in two offers. They may seem low because of the asking price, but they were exactly where they needed to be. The seller has the last say at the end of the day, and she decided to take it off the market to wait to get more. It may not be a bad decision, however, I have to work with what is workable in the present. If not now, in the future I will sell that apartment.

As for the other boys, I have to say I was laughing so hard seeing Fredrik get back at Ryan. Karma is a bitch!

Show Highlight
Ryan Learns Fredrik's High Kick

Love this episode and everyone else that watched. 

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