Why I Did It My Way (Not Fredrik's)

Why I Did It My Way (Not Fredrik's)

Luis explains why he planned the open house his way, and why he wishes Fredrik had treated him with more respect.

It's not what you do, it's how you do it. I've always been a strong believer in that. Fredrik's relationship with me was something that I authentically wanted to strongly establish for many reasons. He is to me, one of the best broker's in the game. Not because of his ranking as a top broker, but because of the way he does things that lead him to be at the top. I always want to surround myself with no one but the best because by doing so it will only bring out the best in me and allow me to become the most successful human being and professional I can become.

I fell in love with 50 Lispenard. More than just the building itself, I fell in love with everything I was going to earn from it and what it will mean to me if I was able to secure the building. For me it wasn't over when I lost the listing. At least, I wanted to get something out of it, if not the listing, the lessons as to why I didn't get it. That's another reason I turned to Fredrik. I wanted to learn what I didn't do.

When I met with Fredrik for drinks, I got something I didn't expect. The opportunity to get back in the game and sell one unit, the same unit I originally couldn't sell in one week. I got a second chance. All of that was earned because I persisted. Because instead of losing, I held my head up high and I went in search of more. To tell you the truth, I felt so happy and accomplished. But most importantly I felt determined to succeed this time. I was going to do what ever it took to make that happen and I did. It was obvious that Fredrik was going to control the way I handled my marketing, open house, and showings because he represents the seller and his name is on the line no matter what. I understand.

However, chances like this don't come often so my goal was to focus on doing something different that I thought needed to be done to sell that specific unit. I do follow direction, especially when it comes from the best but how could I know whether or not my idea would work if I never went for it? So I did it my way. My mother always said that is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Had I done things his way and later been unable to succeed, I would have always asked myself what if. I don't want to live like that. My open house was a success. At least to me and everyone in it. I brought back the history of the building and the street of Lispenard and I made sure people remembered that night so they could associate it with that particular building. I made a mark. When Fredrik arrived, he wasn't happy. I'm not sure if it was because he didn't like what I did or because he didn't like that I did what he asked me not to. Either way I got an offer -- low but good enough to start. He insulted the offer which I was surprised about and then he admitted to the broker and his buyer (that were at to the open house in which I spent so much money, love, and passion putting together) that he already had a contract out at full asking.

That to me was the biggest insult in my career. If Fredrik had a contract out on the listing we agreed to co-list he NEEDED to let me know. We were supposed to be partners on this deal. Again it is not what you do, but how you do it. Had Fredrik told me that before hand, yes, I would have still done the same open house with the challenge of bringing to the table a higher offer. But by not knowing I felt I was working so hard on something I didn't know about. I was insulted in front of my colleagues and clients. I felt as if I was taken advantage of my passion to do things.

This industry is cutthroat. I understand that. But we are business men and most importantly we are supposed to be gentlemen.

One thing I've learned before is that there is always another side of the coin. That's why I asked Fredrik to meet again with me and discuss that. I wanted to hear what his motivation was and to see if again I did something wrong.

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