Ryan's Shot at TRL

Ryan's Shot at TRL

Ryan explains why he made a music video and commends Luis' plan -- even if all of Keller Williams can't sell an apartment.

Go Big.

What did you think of this week's wild episode of Million Dollar Listing New York? I love how we get to see the three of us get creative when selling: Luis calls on his entire firm and gives up his commission! I make a music video! Fredrik...has an open house!

Jokes aside, what I saw in this week's episode is innovation. This business was here before me and will stand after me. Getting other's excited in this line of work is critical. That includes everyone: buyers, sellers, other brokers and even yourself. This is the kind of energy and effort that I applaud in Luis. I would never have thought to bring my entire company into selling one listing to gain a building. In this crazy world of ours, we have to try and make things work as best as possible with what we have. I sincerely applaud his brave attempt at something really big. That being said; it's too bad the entire company of Keller Williams couldn't sell one apartment. . .

Rallying the Troops

Before you pass judgment on my actions let me say a few things. First of all I will admit I have a problem. Hi, I'm Ryan Serhant and I like to have fun. Motion creates emotion, and I like to keep things flowing. I like to think out of the box. Any broker can get a listing, put it on the internet, and sell it. I was put in a very difficult situation with Penthouse B.

Real Estate Hell or Make a Client Happy?

I love Pat, but he wants nearly half a million dollars over what he should expect for his apartment. He said I couldn't have an open house -- technically I didn't have one. Instead I shot a music video! I know at least some of you think that's as cool as it sounds. . .because it is! You can rewind that conversation: music videos were not specifically forbidden. It went viral fast because we're just that good. This week it's premiering on MTV! I didn't even know MTV still played music videos. I wonder if I'll be on TRL; a boy can only dream. Pat and I are going through a rough time right now, but I know how to make him a happy camper again. We'll find out next week if he'll even give me that chance.

Another highlight of this week's episode is Kevin Bacon, my pretty little pig. I won't lie; she grew on me quickly. She understands me and puts up with me. Yes I was eating my morning bacon with my teacup pig Kevin Bacon but it's okay -- she understands our bond. She's like a Hindu cow at my place; sacred. Speaking of my place, how long I get to keep her is another long story, so stay tuned!

Thank you again for watching. I appreciate your energy and attention. I am here for you. Follow me on twitter @ryanserhant or Instagram @ryan_serhant!

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