Fredrik Doesn't Buy Followers

Fredrik Doesn't Buy Followers

Fredrik discusses the importance of his social media presence, and how he always knew about his future daughter "Milla."

My new listing at 101 Warren is such an incredible apartment in one of the best buildings downtown. Iconic is the word. The views are insane, I mean really insane. You can see all the way to Sweden from the wrap-around terrace with 30' ceilings! Hiiii mom! Can you see me waiving?

Now, there are a couple of things that are very interesting about this and the next episode. The deal at 101 Warren is a lot of things:

- a record for the building (almost twice the blended average)
- a record for me in time (I sell it in less than a day, quickest deal of my career), actually before it's listed
- I used social media to sell it.
- I represent both buyer and seller.
- I negotiate the furniture (which is really tricky which you are about to find out).

There is a comment I make in this episode I want to explain a little: it's not easy setting records everywhere because clients expect more records and even higher prices. Over and over again. I have marketed myself as the top record setting broker, because it's true, and sometimes it haunts me. Yes. I mean, I love setting records and in a market that is going up I've been able to do better than anyone by helping my clients set record after record, and I do perform well under pressure, but these days when clients call me they think I'm a magician.

On the topic of magic, let's talk about Milla. My friends laugh at me because I have always knows I would have a little daughter, and I already know her name. Milla with two ls. Now with Derek, and us being married, I'm so excited to share this dream with you. And him of course. To start a family. I just never thought it would be on Bravo. Maybe I can ask Andy Cohen to be Godfather?


Another magic thing for me is social media. There have been a lot of chatter in the industry how one can use Facebook and Instagram and Twitter to actually sell real estate and whenever I say 20-25 percent of my business comes from social media people think I exaggerate. But I don't.

My philosophy with social media is to be authentic at all times. I mix business like my new listings, with bragging about new records I set, to half-naked photos of my husband, to Mousey and Fritzy tucked away in my bed, to all the trips I take all over the world. I love photography. I mix it all together and I post a lot. It's all me, and I write little texts to each photo. My theory is that only then buyers and sellers and developers -- and you -- will see the real me and all of me and then want to work with me. Someone who hides underneath a professional page or only post boring work stuff on social media, isn't going to get as much new business as someone who is like an open book. Do you agree?

And yes, I have more followers than any other real estate professional in the nation, and I have never ever bought a single follower. I hope to meet you out there, in the virtual but so real world of social media. I'm @fredrikeklundny -- what are you? Comment below and I'll take a look at your Instagram and Facebook and Twitter! And yes, I do read every comment on my posts and I would never let anyone touch my posting, like I said, it needs to be authentic for it to work.

High-kick and much love! I hope you are enjoying the season so far. I laugh at myself a lot, you see I didn't know I was so quirky until I watched my own show. I always thought my whole life I was normal, just like everyone else but I am. . .Well, let's just say me.

Xoxoxo / yours truly

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