Fredrik: This Deal Failing Was My Fault

Fredrik: This Deal Failing Was My Fault

Fredrik knows what went wrong in this deal, and he's willing to take the blame for not selling this Apthorp listing.

This episode starts off great, because I'm confident I can sell the new listing at the Apthorp. I even have Ari eat humble pie with me. But then its me who needs to humble myself, and accept that in real estate, us agents are never cooler or hotter than our last deal.

I do a lot of deals, in average one a day, because I do so much new development. But I'm still NOT better than my very last deal. Think about that: it's as exciting as it's scary. That is why every new listing is a chance to succeed or fail, or reinvent yourself, and on this one I'm not doing well and moving backwards, not forward.

Looking back at what happened at the Apthorp and how the deal with the buyer Alice and her broker Bob made me loose momentum and have the listings agreement start coming to an end, I'm at least happy about one thing: I take full responsibility for this fiasco. I own it. It's all in me.

If it was a few years back I would have pointed fingers at everyone around me, but now it's my fault, and I know it. Because I could have advised my client Ari to price it differently, to renovate FIRST, or even better: I could have gotten a back-up to Alice. There is always a solution, and when there isn't one, its the broker's fault. There I said it. At least I'm growing in this area.

To be continued. Next week I think you will be surprised by what will happen. Thanks as always for watching, and giving me so much support. I think what this show SHOWS is that it's not always easy to be a real estate agent at the top in New York (although we also have a lot of fun and make good money), and you know what? I would not have it any other way.

XO, from your Swedish meatball.

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