Fredrik Won't Give Up on Milla

Fredrik Won't Give Up on Milla

But he might be done trying to help Luis, even if his intentions were good.

I am happy this episode shows my true intentions with Luis. The evidence is in the scene between me and Jeanne, where I say to her how much I like him, that I believe in him, and that I LOVE his energy. And then she says good energy is important and can go a long way, and we both agree this could be great.

My intentions all along is to help him. I want to help him because I DO believe in him, we work in the same company, and I want his friendship. Let me rephrase, actually: I want to deserve his friendship (after what happened between us last year). I have nothing to gain by wasting my or my client’s time by setting Luis up for a disappointment.

I know he wants a new development, and I know this townhouse isn't a new development, but he is confusing the two. I am not suggesting he sells Garfield Place in Park Slope, it is just the place where the meeting is taking place. I am suggesting they get an introduction in the townhouse and then the three of us hit it off on a new development condo building where I can learn Luis every step of the way.


But instead he went bananas and coconutso, if those are even words. Maybe crazycoco is a better word? Calling me a selfish bitch and a control freak. Oh well. I think he will calm down. And I will give him some time and try again. Actually, I will not try again. What can I do -- if somebody doesn't want to get help then who am I to force that help? To prove to him I am not controlling, I will back off, and instead sell the townhouse and then do more new developments with her. Too bad. It took me 12 years in new development to get to where I am, and Luis hasn’t even started that journey.


Lastly I want to comment on the clothes I bought for little Milla. I get sad, because those little dresses and soft sweaters and the mini-shoes are folded in the shopping bag still, in a closet. I showed the clothes when I got home to Derek, but he just shook his head. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and think of Milla, and I feel sad and heartbroken. I don’t even want to write about it right now.

But I will not give up. As you will see in the next few episodes.

Much love,


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