Luis: Ian Is a Great Person

Luis: Ian Is a Great Person

Luis knows he should have put his foot down with Ian, but he's glad he didn't quit.

Patience is a virtue. I've learned this over the last few years, and I'm glad I've been able to earn it. Most will agree that I shouldn't have continued working with Ian. I know Ian is not an easy person to deal with, since he may say and do some things that are not tolerable. It makes things difficult.


However, I see past those things. I've learned how to read through the lines and truly understand the people I work with. In reality, Ian is a great person. Most people won't be able to see that, but it is the truth. Disrespect is what's perceived from his actions. I can honestly tell you that that is not the case. When I am truly disrespected I put my foot down. I don't feel that I was. Yes, I should have set the tone of our relationship from the beginning and I didn't (lesson learned) -- but I did know that if handled it well, there was a deal to be made and a relationship to earn. Once I've proved that relationship's worth, I can control it later. I will never quit! That's just not in my blood. Even if all of this started because I never set things straight from the beginning, I was going to finish it no matter what.  

Because of that mentality, I succeeded. We succeeded. Later that day, Ian called me and apologized for the way he treated me and I said that there was no need to. He may have his reasons, but I know that those actions came from a good place. I'm glad I went through this and given the chance I would do it 10 times over. I respect Ian and I don't judge him for the way he acted.

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