Hey, Look Who's Back? Fun Ryan!

Hey, Look Who's Back? Fun Ryan!

"Fun Ryan" explains that he's selling babies' footsteps -- not real estate -- to a drug dealer's son.

Hey, look who is back?  Fun Ryan
First, I want to say how much I LOVE the listing featured in this episode. Penthouse B at the Milan has an incredible layout, stunning views, and one of the nicest terraces I’ve seen in a Midtown condominium. The owners renovated the apartment when they first bought it and added a lot of great detail that really make it stand out against the crowd. I also love how in the listing appointment you can see how much difficulty I’m having sitting on their tiny couch. I’ve never sat on a couch that was so low to ground, and I’m all legs!

Second, I always tell my team that we work in the people business, not the real estate business, and this episode is a clear example of why. I am not just selling an apartment here -- I’m selling babies' footsteps! Many sellers are emotionally attached to their homes and we real estate agents have to work around those emotions to get the job done. In this case, my seller is so attached to the home that she doesn’t even know if she wants to sell it! Time kills deals, especially when you have someone on the fence, which is why I held the must unexclusive open house EVER. The more people who know the Penthouse is for sale, the better! 

I think the open house was a success, even though the only good lead we got was a drug dealer's son. Maybe he'll come back and buy it next week? Maybe not? Maybe I’ll sell it to someone else? Or maybe Sam will decide she just can’t part with it after all?

Stay tuned and thanks for watching!


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