Ryan: I Am Such a Jerk

Ryan: I Am Such a Jerk

Ryan explains what happened during his fight with Emilia and why selling that townhouse was such a big win.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

This was a big win for me. This townhouse had been on and off the market for YEARS with SO many brokers who couldn't sell it. Patricia, the owner, had been told that the house was too narrow (12.5 feet), in a bad location (Murray Hill), and in bad shape (needed to be gut renovated). Those are just excuses in my book. This is a house in Manhattan! Townhomes are so, so rare here that good brokers (not even great ones like me) should be able to sell ANY townhouse in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, wonderful sellers like Patricia often make the wrong choice to list with someone other than me first. . .

I really do think that cleansing the house was necessary; if even to just make me feel better when showing it! Once it was cleansed, I brought in a bunch of buyers and did what I love to do: build a fear of loss. If a buyer feels they are the only one interested in a property, they are going to low-ball you because they don't feel there's any competition. But when a buyer feels that they may lose a property, they start to get nervous. They get trigger happy. The fear of loss builds inside them and they make offers over the asking! This is why my sellers like me.

So while this episode was mostly about my big win at 115 East 35th Street, I'm assuming most people want to know about the big loss of Emilia. Let's just say I don't like how I come off during that argument. In my own head, the things I say and do always make sense. But seeing that scene now. . .I am such a jerk. I get so wrapped up in my work and the immediacy of this business that I sometimes forget what's important. I learned that lesson during the hurricane last year, but I guess I still have some learning to do.

I won/t give anything away, but Emilia is worth the fight.

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