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Ryan on the Art of Selling

Ryan explains why he made a big-budget commercial for this listing and the real struggles of being an agent.

By Ryan Serhant

One of the toughest aspects about being a real estate agent is the lack of control. You can't control your clients, you can't control the lawyers, you can't control the banks, you can't control the property, you can't control the economy, and on and on. You work so hard for so long for no salary and no benefits in an environment that is in limbo nine times out of 10. "Will the attorney kill the deal?" "Will the husband walk in and change his mind?" "Will the bank give them the loan?" "Will the home pass the inspection?" And, my favorite, "Will the construction be done in time?"

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The Penthouse at 200 11th (The Sky Garage Building) is one of my all-time favorite listings. If you've watched even two episodes of Million Dollar Listing New York, you know that I'm bored easily and won't take on a project unless it excites me. Anyone can sell an apartment that's priced well and has four walls. But it takes a lot of work, and a lot of time, and a lot of talent, to sell something like the Sky Garage. It also takes balls and a lot of creativity. That's where the commercial comes into play.


To sell the apartment, I need the whole world to know about it. Most people are not looking for private car elevators and disappearing staircases. When you're selling something unique, the more people who know about it, the better. That's how sales works. Why do you think Apple still spends millions on advertising the iPhone? They have to make sure everyone in the world knows about it every single day. Selling an apartment isn't like selling a phone, but I look to major brands for advertising ideas -- like Apple. And the commercial achieves, on a viral level, exactly what those major brands are able to achieve on a print level.

The final product is something I'm very proud of. It was a story I was happy with and it has WORKED, which is the most important. People all over the world are seeing the video. I'm getting calls from Russia, Hong Kong, and even South Africa, because of the video. It is absolutely incredible.

We have also had several offers that we have rejected, because we want to show the apartment in all of its glory -- soon!

Thank you for watching and thank you for your continued support.

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