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Emilia on Ryan's Life-Changing Proposal

Ryan Serhant's fiancé opens up about the emotional moment when the shark got down on one knee in Times Square. 

The night before Ryan proposed, I cried. I felt this inexplicable unsettling feeling. I questioned everything, our existence, my purpose in life, our life together. I asked him, as we lay in bed, tears rolling down my face, if he thought we were meant to be. If he truly knew he wanted me or if he thought we were together because we met the right time in our lives. Searching for some answer to all the questions I had in my head. Ryan went silent. My timing couldn’t have been more on point as the very next morning he proposed. With his soft calming voice he told me he knew I was the one when he met me. Like those old clichés he said he told everyone he had met his wife. That he believed that no matter what, we would have found our way to each other. And just like that he calmed my unsettling feeling, as he usually does and I fell asleep right there snuggled next to him.

The next morning bright and early thinking we are going to Boston to surprise his little brother Jack, I woke up in the worst mood ever! This actual is unusual as I love road trips. I get Ryan’s full attention for hours without him being able to look down at his phone! This morning I felt irritated and rather uncooperative. Little did I know, that Times Square permit time was running out...


Ryan if you read this. You’ve given me a hope in life I never knew I would find.

Emilia Bechrakis


We get into the car and I don’t even notice he is nervous and that we take the wrong route until he asks to stop for Starbucks and I think to myself “Ugh, does this mean he wants me to get out now”. I hardly pay mind to where we are stopped. And then I look up. I see police officers have blocked off the street, people are being held from crossing and it’s empty, and oddly clean. I see our camera crew scurrying in the background and instantly realize what’s about to happen. For months he has been telling me we are going to Boston on some random Sunday and it never added up! I have the biggest melt down and refused to get out of the car. Sunken there in the front seat like a scared puppy.

For any woman who is like me, as a little girl I didn’t dream of proposals or fairy tale weddings. I didn’t envision rose petals falling from the skies and doves flying overhead. I lived my life oblivious to what would unravel for me one day. I felt an array of emotions, ranging from sheer panic, shock, to an overwhelming fight or flight reaction. 

Why does this man love me THIS much?

I saw a life of past loves, heartbreaks, youth, my life in Europe, flash before me. Like the entire lifeI knew before this moment was gone and a new one was about to start. I felt a rush. This moment was going to change us forever. It was going to change me forever. When I heard the music playing I cried even more. The sound till this day gives me this knee jerk reaction. I cry without fail every time. I later asked what they were playing and Ryan explained that he always heard me listen to my favorite song by Of Monsters and Men. That he remembered that time I explained why I would listen to it over and over again. It was a song about deep love the kind of love that's with you until you are old and you lose your senses. The love of someone that will forever hold you and walk with you in every darkness and the love I have always searched for. He noticed all this. This entire time together he noticed me.  

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Emilia, Will You Marry Me?
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The NASDAQ sign lights up with Greek words, of I love you and a nick name we have for one another. Does this mean he knows how to say I love you in Greek?! 

It was one surprise after another. As if I hadn’t cried enough.  

I will never forget his little face, his chin raises and dimples and he nervously asks if I would marry him. The one moment I caught him feeling equally terrified. I do not even look down at the ring. I didn’t believe there was a ring too?! I almost wanted to fall over or take a break from this sensory overload. I must have nodded and not even uttered a word to his request. Do I say yes now? Then what happens? Could anything top this moment?

Ryan if you read this. You’ve given me a hope in life I never knew I would find. 



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