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Fredrik: Derek and I Are Having a Baby!

Fredrik Eklund opens up on letting himself fail and baby plans.

By Fredrik Eklund

Guess who called me today? Cheryl at Time Warner, yes today, 6 months after I was terminated from the listing. She called as she saw the trailers for the show and asked me to come back, adding me back on the listing which hasn't sold, and gone from $35M to the reduced $28M with other brokers. . .$28M was the price I advised her on the first time we met. Now, this was a very difficult episode for me, even to watch, because as we were filming it I had to allow myself to completely lose on national television. And that's not easy for someone like me. Big time. Sometimes I hear people say our show is scripted, and it isn't. Once and for all, it is real. You can say whatever you want about me, my eccentricities, quirkiness, faces and expressions, but I'm real and so is the show. I sometimes wish the show was scripted, because God knows it would be easier to show up to a set with a script, instead to your own listing which you are publicly terminated from. . .but no one tells us what to do or say, and certainly as you understand I wouldn't lose a $35M listing, nor a $1M+ commission if I had a choice. . .but I did, and I did hard. The producers told me to trust the process, to allow myself to fail because we all fail, so I did and grew from it. I'm actually thankful for the experience.

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And finally I can talk about it: Derek and I are having a baby!”

Fredrik Eklund


To have people you love like Derek helping you put things in perspective is what it's all about. He asked me in the episode in the park, "What is the big deal?" Well, it isn't a big deal at all compared to us having Milla. He is right! And finally I can talk about it: Derek and I are having a baby!!!! You will see this amazing baby journey unfold this season.

An #MDLNY Baby!

Time Warner is back, I'm back, and although I feel I have dressed up in enough Asian silk kimonos for now, I am proud to never say anything bad about any clients because I try to see the good in them and their perspective too. . .and even when I lose them. . .I'm always hoping to have them come back to me like a boomerang. Like Cheryl did today. So Time Warner is back with me at $28M as of today and order has been restored in the universe. Until next week. . .

Thanks for watching and much love from your favorite Swedish Meatball x!


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