Fredrik: It Was Certainly a Milestone in My Career

Fredrik: It Was Certainly a Milestone in My Career

Fredrik dishes on setting new records and influencing the way other buildings design their show rooms.

I love this episode so so so much. I've filmed for five years now, and this must be episode 45 or so since the very start. Of course, there will be episodes which I think are good and not so good. That's the beauty of this show, following our success and failures, ups and downs, the good and the bad. And then there are episodes like this, which is GREAT! And shows an amazing success story: 5 Beekman Hotel & Residences. 19 sold units in the first day of sales! The tallest scale model in residential New York real estate history! A full bar and bartender in the sales gallery! A mock-up of a window with huge tv-monitors behind showing views from every apartment, and controlled from my iPad! Showing the art of selling, the art of building momentum, the art of negotiating, because I see it as an art. And perhaps most importantly, the art of getting people to believe in your unusual ideas.

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Fredrik Sets Another Record

It was certainly a milestone in my career. We are currently 50% sold in the building, and set new records for the area, and really have changed the way other new buildings design their show rooms. I'm so glad you could take part of the beautiful project, and see the ins and outs of what I do. Thanks for watching and next week, Derek and I will continue our quest to get Milla. xo

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