Luis: This Was One of My Favorite Deals

Luis: This Was One of My Favorite Deals

Luis D. Ortiz explains why he loved working on the Jackson Pollack apartment.

For the record Ronita and I are like this every day.

Luis Finds A Deeper Meaning Behind This Jackson Pollock Listing

This episode is very interesting, because it shows an approach that (depending on where the real estate market is) tends to be very successful. This apartment at 46 Carmine was on the market before with other brokers. The original price was somewhere between $1.3-1.4 and it didn't move.

Which Celebrity Lived in Luis' Listing?

Now, it has a lot to do with the way it was presented and the way it was priced. This apartment is very special (and that's what the other brokers were not able to sell), which is why I took the following approach: Price low, brand high by marketing its history, and you will see a high demand of buyers who before even seeing the listing label it too good to be true. This creates multiple offers that led to me having the ball in my court, which is exactly how I planned it.

I want to give a lot of credit to Brandon, who not only was the only broker that came through for his clients wants, but didn't let his ego get in the way. I respect that. It's not about what broker wins or loses the negotiation, it's about who makes sure they get what their client wants. I'm also glad his client is an artist, who appreciates the history behind this property.

Although this apartment was only a million dollar apartment, to me it will go down in my history books as one the deals I have enjoyed the most. In the end it's not about price. It's about a sale, and it shows you every sale needs a strategy.

If Jackson Pollock was alive, I think he would be happy to know that the apartment he lived in was sold at $1,460,000.

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