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Who is Emilia Bechrakis? 9 Things You Need to Know About Ryan Serhant's Wife

Meet the woman that made New York's sharkiest shark fall in love. 

Get to Know Emilia Bechrakis

Since that unreal Times Square proposal on Million Dollar Listing New York we've been counting down the days until Ryan Serhant got to watch his Puffermunkin Emilia Bechrakis down the aisle. Over the last few seasons, Ryan struggled with sharing his emotions and putting Emilia before work, while Emilia struggled with deciding between Ryan or a dream job in Geneva. But the two have finally come together to say, 'I do!' But while we've seen they're ups and downs, how much do we know about lucky woman that got Ryan to put love before real estate? Read on for all you need to know.

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1. She's Greek.

My boys 💗

A photo posted by EMILIA BECHRAKIS (@emilia_bechrakis) on

Very Greek. Ryan explains, "Emilia's whole family - everybody - is from a little village called Mani, and Mani was the one village in all of Greece that has never been taken over by anybody else because they're known for being insane and having tempers that are crazy. That's what I'm marrying into." So, don't mess with Emilia!

2. But she was born in New York.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have the cutest, sweetest little brother. Love you @jserhant 🇺🇸#merica

A photo posted by EMILIA BECHRAKIS (@emilia_bechrakis) on

So this Grecian goddess is also an New Yorker? No wonder Ryan fell in love! 

3. She's a lawyer.

After leaving Greece for school in London at 18, Emilia became a barister, specializing in maritime law. However, she's not longer practicing. "About six months ago I stopped practicing law in order to get into real estate and I decided to get into Land Title Insurance," Emilia says, "Ryan works all the time and this is the one way I could think of us connecting in business." This lady's all about love. 

4. She met Ryan at a menorah lighting.

Poised to leave the states to head back to Europe, Ryan walked into a Greek Jewish charity event and swept Emilia off her feet...kind of. She thought he was very cute, but thought he might not be hitting for her team. She thought, "He's hot, single, oh he must either be gay or married, taken, I dunno what it was - so I didn't take him seriously. And then he just kept calling me, which was odd." Well, that persistence paid off for Ryan, these two are one adorable pair.  

5. She chose to stay in New York For Ryan

That's right. Just when his Greek girl was about to take an opportunity of a lifetime with her dream job in Geneva, she decided to stay for Ryan. But Emilia is living #noregrets life. Like she said, "I chose love. I chose Ryan and I don't regret it. I don't regret the choice."

6. She loves animals.

Getting ready to watch MDL with this snuggle monster! I miss my puppy in Greece 😢

A photo posted by EMILIA BECHRAKIS (@emilia_bechrakis) on

The new members of the Bechrakis rescue litter. #catlady #greeksummer #mypq

A photo posted by EMILIA BECHRAKIS (@emilia_bechrakis) on

Take one look at Emilia's instagram and it's clear that it's not only Ryan that has her heart. Between camels, puppies, and kittens, Emilia is a sucker for a furball. 

7. She's only ever introduced one boyfriend to her dad.

Ryan's Terrifying Sitdown with his Future Father-in-Law

And you guessed it - it was Ryan! Why was Ryan so special you ask? She says of their first meeting, "I knew I loved him and I knew that no matter what I wanted my dad to meet him." While that convo on the couch might have been a bit intimidating, Emilia shares that her family loves Ryan and he has embraced her big Greek family. Despite his not being Greek Ryan says her father and whole family has been "very open-minded."

8. She's a gym rat.

@alejandroferrari there's a jacked chipmunk in your gym 😂💪#lunchbreakcrunch

A photo posted by EMILIA BECHRAKIS (@emilia_bechrakis) on

Fitness is one of the many interests Ryan and Emilia have in common. Despite the fact that they go to the same gym, they rarely see each other due to conflicting schedules! Though the couple says that's why it is so special when they run into eachother amongst the barbells - as evidenced by the adorable pic above. Serious life goals here. 

9. Her first Instagram is of her engagement to Ryan.

-Additional reporting by Jocelyn Vena

So she's basically the cutest person ever. Seriously, could it be more romantic that this is her first 'gram? The answer is no, people. 

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