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Andrew: I Was a Little Thrown off When He Showed up Alone

Andrew discusses the drama surrounding Justin and Roh's domain names and what it was like working with Justin.

By Andrew Greenwell Did you have any reservations about taking on the Bernal Heights listing based on its location? If not, what were your expectations for the listing – did you expect to generate a lot of interest?

Andrew Greenwell: I never have hesitations about taking a listing assuming the seller has reasonable expectations and the property is marketable. My hope was to price the property lower in order to attract more clients to the listing. It's typical for buyers in San Francisco to offer considerably more than asking and I really wanted to focus on getting them in the front door. I always knew if I could just get the right people in the door to see it then we'd be able to sell the property quickly (and hopefully above asking). Things did not work out between you and those tech shuttles – have you gotten a chance to ride in one since then?

AG: Ha! I would have to get a part-time gig at one of the companies in order to ride the shuttle. It was unfortunate that the one day it rains in California happened to be the day I needed to track down the shuttles. I understand why they keep their schedules private but I felt deep down that our buyer was going to be one of those commuters. Buying Roh and Justin's domain names was definitely a power move. What would you do if someone bought your domain name?

AH: Honestly, I feel like buying your domain name should be on your checklist for day one of going into business for yourself; especially real estate. If someone bought my name then I would be a gentleman and call them for coffee to see what I needed to do to retrieve what I should have done on my first day on the job. What started out as a joke escalated rather quickly throughout the season. I have to admit that regardless of the outcomes Justin was always reasonable about it. I can't say the same for my other co-star.

Can I Get My Domain Name Back? Did you always intend on asking Justin for his help with your Bernal Heights listing or did it occur to you when he asked for his domain name back?

AH: Like I said, Justin was a gentleman and asked me to drinks to discuss it. I had always planned on signing it over but given there was an opportunity for both of us to sell Bernal I figured he could bring us a client. Justin works with a lot of younger up and coming business types and that's a perfect neighborhood for them. What did you think of Justin showing up to the open house alone, without any of the potential tech buyers he promised?

AH: I'm not going to lie, I was a little thrown off when he showed up alone. I understand that clients cancel at the last minute or change their mind but a phone call would have been nice.


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