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A Great Challenge

Josh shares his experience trying to help Candis Cayne.

By Josh Flagg

This week was a lot of fun, and I had some experiences that I haven't had before... Selling or leasing commercial real estate is a completely different ball game from residential. I enjoy working with it, but it is by no means my passion. My family has a lot of commercial property invents around the country, so I used my knowledge from that to get the ball rolling. When I heard about the client and what she wanted, I thought, "I must take this on." I had a blast! Candis is a great person to work with. She has amazing energy and made the deal more entertaining that anything else down to the name of the corp which I will never forget, Lulu Limited Liability Corporation. And like I said, I have had three nose jobs, an ear lift, and a chin implant, and I don't look that good! My only fear when taking this is on was how I would ever find a night club spot in the prime strip of West Hollywood for under $20k a month. It was a challenge, but I love a great challenge. 

I still want to know what went down the night Java Detour closed, that place was a filthy zoo! For that reason I am happy we went with Mexico. I know that place needs a remodel and the designer must of been taking some major drugs when selecting the color palette, but all in all, the place was in good shape! Plus the location is perfect! And it already has the performance space for Candis. 

The negotiations were tough, and I almost thought I was going to lose both locations when Ed the representative from the leasing company was getting so edgy about the lowball offer. Thank god I had Godzilla there to lighten the mood. Did anyone notice her new haircut? She looks like a lamb now! 

One other thing that cracked me up about this episode was Altman's marketing technique for his horse property. That flyer had me rolling! I can't get over how much Altman is really like Ari Gold. It's not an act, folks, that's him.

I hope you all enjoyed this week and make sure you tune in next week! I promise, it will entertain you!

I am currently releasing my second book, it's a great how to about breaking into the high end real estate market wherever you live. It also is a tell-all book about my life. Read it and you will know why I turned out the way I did. It's a fun read and will give you a lot of tips and ideas on how to be a success! Go to to get your copy!

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