11 Home Décor Gifts People Might Actually Like

11 Home Décor Gifts People Might Actually Like

 This year, may your gift not get the half-hearted, “Oh, um, thanks.”

By Angela Law

Most of us think of home decor presents as safe bets. Who would mind a good coffee table book or nice flower pot, right? The thing is, not minding something doesn’t mean they actually want it. Most bids for good home cheer usually wind up in a corner or, even worse, in a closet or basement.

You have to remember that one’s house is one’s nest. It’s sacred territory with its own aesthetic and anything that goes in it must jive with the vibe. So, before you go deciding that someone needs a certain this or another because you love it, really consider if it will fit in at the person’s abode. This is, after all, not about you!

 To that point, there’s no way we can produce a list of universally-loved home decor gifts. What we have gathered here is a list of very awesomely cool things that we think a lot of people would enjoy. It’s up to you to pick the right one for your intended.


Outline Bookend




Here is one of those presents that most people don’t buy but need. This particular one is great for giftees who have a mid-century modern flair.


Alexandria Birch Backgammon Set



This is the perfect game set to leave out on a coffee table because it’s: a) gorgeous and b) a game you can play anytime — whether over cocktails on a Friday night or pancakes on a Sunday morning. 





What is this, you ask? It’s an air purifier! The comb is made of activated charcoal and clay minerals that can draw out impurities, like odor and moisture, from the air in up to 17 square feet of enclosed space. You release the trapped impurities by exposing the comb to sun for 6 hours, once a month. Pretty neat, huh?


Octaevo Paper Vase



The lucky friend receiving this can now turn any old jar or yogurt container into a gorgeous vase just by slipping on this sleeve made out of waterproof paper. It’s eye-catching and definitely a conversation starter. Is it a vase? Or isn’t it?





Someone special who you want to just bear hug all the time is who deserves this present. This one is hand-loomed with love.


Bubble Wrap Calendar



Part life tool, part therapy session.





It’s great for couples so they can leave each other cute messages. It’s great for the friend who’s always wanted to see her name in bright lights. It’s generally pretty great for anybody under 25.


All Across Africa Ornaments



Handmade and fair trade, these cute safari animals can be used as ornaments, kids toys, or just cheerful additions around the house.


Post Point



You should probably get two of these. You’ll want one. Life with a proper mail sorter is pretty spectacular.


Brass Lift Coasters



This one is perhaps the most practical gift on the list. Everyone needs coasters. And no one really wants those crappy, cheesy cardboard ones. You will be thanked and loved for gifting these, forever.


Color Engineer Print




Find your friend’s favorite pic (or most-liked Instagram picture) and get it printed out all big and on nice paper.


Poster Rail




Then, buy this awesome frame so they can hang it up and forever cherish that moment.

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