Your Living Room Is Begging for One of These Ultra Comfy, XL-Sized Sofas

Your Living Room Is Begging for One of These Ultra Comfy, XL-Sized Sofas

Sometimes it’s okay to stay in your comfort zone. 

By Patricia Cunningham

The sofa sure has come a long way from its origins as a stone box built around a hearth that served as a place for an honored guest. Today, the modern sofa comes in so many endless varieties (you can even buy perfectly good couches that come in a box!) that choosing one can drive you literally bonkers.

Here’s a solution: If space isn’t a consideration, why not just go big? The benefits: one, it will virtually eliminate the need to purchase other furniture thereby saving you some money; and, second, it will mean no more fights about who gets the couch for an afternoon nap (the family pet will be really happy about this one).

We’ve assembled a slew of oversized sofas that will hit your comfort zone and then some. And the best part is you don’t have to compromise on style one bit.

Eden Stationary Sofa

Shy of 10-feet wide and with a 62-inch chaise, this sofa is literally so massive you might need to find yourself a loft to go along with it. It’s a good thing it comes in pieces otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get it through the door.

Best for: Impressing your TriBeCa neighbors

Cecilia Velvet Sectional Sofa

Luxe and polished with glam finishing, but still plush enough for an all-day Netflix binge, this sofa is a comfort no-brainer. And it comes in a nice variety of colors.

Best For: Feeling glam but not stiff

Chelsea Modular Sofa

There are so many individual components to this sofa you can practically spell out your name with it, but we like it best assembled as an oversized relaxation pit. The only downside is figuring out how to get out.

Best for: Having a slumber party with yourself

Forest Green Kendall Sectional

Nicely tailored and in of-the-moment green with clubby, tufted detailing, this sofa is a cocktail party waiting to happen.

Best for: Swilling a martini in a shiny dress

Medina-Printed Tassa Sectional

This luxurious and ultra-deep sofa takes its style cues from Moroccan artisans, and, my, isn’t it a stunner? Pass the hookah, please.

Best for: Planning a trip to Marrakesh

Cana Sectional

This sectional has that chill California vibe down in spades. Add a fan palm and you’ll be good to go.

Best for: California dreamin’

Alsatia Modular Sectional

A sofa with sleek bonafides, you can configure it as you like or, if that’s too much trouble, stretch out and take an extended snooze.  

Best for: Minimalist bachelor pads

Berndt Sectional

Because midcentury modern does not need to be stuffy.

Best for: Contemplating the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright

Jane Loft Reversible Sofa


This ultra posh sofa by Gus has a reversible chaise. A great choice for those who like to restyle their space for a quick design fix.

Best for: 'Gramming your pet

Kearney Sectional

Make every day a beach day with this cloud-like down sofa.

Best for: Sinking deep into the cushions with a good book

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