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Do You Really Need a $1,000 Puffer Coat? Yes, Actually, You Do

Consider it the best investment you'll make this year.

By Courtney Thompson

There are some women who just exude luxury. Their flats are Chanel, their tees are James Perse, their luggage is Louis Vuitton. They buy their thongs at La Perla, their bracelets at Cartier. I am not this girl. I’m no slob either, but I pride myself on a good deal. My flats, for example, are usually around $30 and they’re from Zara. My luggage was purchased at a very exclusive club called Costco. My underwear is from Target.

When I first learned of Canada Goose — that puffer coat brand with the eye-catching, red, white and blue circular patch on the upper arm — I thought, “Oh, that’s a parka for those people. The luxury lovers." Why? Because these coats are not cheap. Averaging roughly $800 to $1,200, I can confidently say they’ll never be sold at my beloved Costco. And clearly, they’re not for good-deal-gals like myself.

That’s what I thought … until I started spying them freaking everywhere. One only has to ride the subway in Manhattan to see train cars chock full of arms bearing the ubiquitous circle patch. I’m not talking one or two people sporting Canada Goose, but dozens. And the demographic of devotees is bewilderingly widespread. College kids, moms, grandmas, hipsters, tweens. A 23-year-old freelancer I worked with told me she could barely afford her rent, and she said this while wearing a Canada Goose puffer! While a few years ago this brand was a niche status symbol, today it’s seemingly de rigueur — despite the fact that its price tag would cost most a week’s salary.

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To say I was confused would be an understatement. I mean, if I can go to T.J. Maxx and get a reliable puffer for $80, why would I spend ten times that (at least)? So, I reached out to the brand to figure out what all the hoopla is about, and I tested a parka for about a month. And, well, I’m going to give it to you straight: I loved it.

Here’s the deal, unlike Chanel flats or LV luggage, a Canada Goose jacket is going to be with you for the rest of your life. You understand this as soon as you pull that thick, sturdy zipper up to your neck, put your hands in the fleece-lined pockets or wrap your head in the coyote fur-trimmed hood — this ain’t no T.J. Maxx bargain coat. It’s quality with a capital Q. Like, you’ll be wearing it during your twenties, thirties, forties, and beyond. And thanks to the company’s lifetime repair or replace warranty, if anything goes wrong, you’re covered. Suddenly that price tag is a bit more palatable when you realize this is an investment, not a kneejerk splurge. You can wear it day drinking in the city now, just as easily as you can a decade later at your son’s hockey practice in the suburbs. (And to his Alaskan wedding in 2048 … you get my point!)

Another major selling point for me: It’s super warm — but not overly so. I suffer from “hot body syndrome.” As in, it’s freezing outside so I bundle up, but within minutes I’m sweating under my many layers. While the Canada Goose jackets are packed with four types of Canadian down, they manage to simultaneously keep us warm and dry (thanks to water- and wind-resistant shells), but without overheating the wearers. And that hood I mentioned earlier? It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. All-encompassing — meaning it literally goes above and beyond your head — it provides refuge from the harsh conditions and privacy by eliminating any chance of making eye contact with peeps nearby. Hence why celebrities from Emma Stone and Claire Danes to Daniel Craig and Drake are all fans of the brand.

Fun fact: Remember that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Antarctica cover with Kate Upton in wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and white puffer? Yep, that too was Canada Goose. Another fun fact: The brand is the unofficial choice for Hollywood film crews on location in wintry locales and during overnight shoots.

Available in more than 150 styles across 30 color options, the Canada Goose jacket is — I’m here to officially say — a solid choice for everyone from millionaires to regular ol’ moms like me, because the quality doesn’t disappoint. The icing on the proverbial cake? Having a parka with street cred will definitely put a bit of pep in your step during the next arctic blast headed your way.

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