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Gorgeous Faux Flowers That Never Die (AKA the Dream Home Décor)

Because real flowers are too expensive ... and so obvious!

By Angela Law

There really is no better way to perk up a home than with some blooms. It is a dream of mine to have fresh flowers in my home, at all times. Alas, I don’t have a flower garden (or any garden) and I’m not rich so ... there goes that?

That’s what I thought until I stumbled into a crafts store! Have you seen what they can do with artificial flowers these days? They now make flowers that look and feel completely real. Looking at the selection of faux floral at Michael’s, I felt outdated in my thinking of artificial flowers as tacky or tasteless. Some (stress on some) of these stems were gorgeous! In terms of home décor, these fake flowers would have the same effect as fresh-cut flowers only with a higher return-on-investment because they would never die!

I know some of you are not sold. It doesn’t matter how amazing artificial flowers look. As long as you know they are not real, they will forever bother you. I get it. We all have hurdles we can’t get over. That’s why, below, you will find an assortment of not only real-looking flowers but also flowers that don’t try to look like real flowers at all. Because, sometimes, just the essence of floral is enough to brighten an entire room.

Go ahead, give these faux flowers a sniff and tell me they wouldn’t be lovely in your home.

Faux Pink Hellebore Stem

If the goal is to trick others, less is often more. Basically, if your friends know you would never splurge on a $300 bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, don’t display three dozen faux calla lilies and expect them to bite. A better option? A few stems of a unique bloom in a considered vase.

Fancy Rose W/Vase

Nothing throws off the scent of a nosey friend like some faux water.

Pressed Flowers Mixed Pack

If you don’t want to bother with an arrangement and really hate the idea of fake flowers, dried flowers are a nice option for you. They work well as bowls of potpourri or, if you are feeling crafty, arranged between a glass frame.

Tri-Flower Wall Décor

Sometimes, abstract is absolutely the way to go!

Authentic Italian Capodimonte Gold Rose Flower Blooming Bouquet Candle Holder

There is something about this classic, old-world Italian piece that is just so charming ... in a grandma kind of way. This brand is basically the godmother of porcelain flowers.

Dried Banksia Protea Pod Bunch

These are not mere artificial flowers. The geographic shape of the leaves make them modern pieces of art!

Faux Bird of Paradise

One good rule of thumb when it comes to buying artificial flowers is to go for the kind that look like they are fake even when they are real.

Botanical Trinket Dish

Flowers that perform double-duty are great for small spaces.

Flower Garden Wall Art

We love that this print isn't too overly-girly floral. Its essence of floral is enough to cheer up any room. 

Nature Vertical Garden Wall Mural

If you really believe in flower power, go bonkers and paste the entire wall floral!

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