How to Escape Holiday Stress by Turning Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary

How to Escape Holiday Stress by Turning Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary

Create the perfect place to take a timeout.

By Angela Law

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays ... More specifically, there’s no place like a quiet, calming bedroom where you can retreat from all the madness and nurse your post-holiday party hangovers.

Things are about to get a little hectic. And the only way you will get through this is if you zen out your cave so you can properly regroup, unwind, and get some quality shut eye.

We know no one’s got time right now for a full bedroom makeover. But there are a few things you can get to help instantly upgrade your bedroom.


Edge Stripe Throw


Made from 100% lambswool, this little piece of luxury is nice and heavy and can withstand hours and hours of Vanderpump Rules binging.


Sheepskin Rug


There’s something so terribly disruptive about stepping out of bed onto an ice-cold floor. This rug is a better way to ease into and out of your day.


Linen Sheets


I swear by these sheets. Linen is the perfect temperature moderator so you never wake up in a sweat or terribly cold. These are a must if you are into a good night’s sleep. They are also the cheapest 100 percent linen sheets you’ll ever find!


Lavender Neck Pillow


You can pop this in the freezer or microwave before using to help soothe achy muscles. Is that lavender you smell? Why, yes, it is! This pillow is stuffed with flax seeds and lavender blossoms for maximum soothing effect.


Rose Quartz Holder with Air Plant


This, my friends, is the ultimate chill-zone multitasker. Rose quartz is believed to have a direct line into a woman’s heart — helping release compassion, peace, and healing into your aura. While the holder is doing that, the air plant is helping purify the toxins in the air. 


Cashmere Blend Hot Water Bottle


This torso-length hot water bottle, encased in super soft cashmere and merino wool, is the perfect thing to snuggle up with on those cold winter nights.


One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book



Give yourself a little time each night to reflect on your day. It will make you feel better about life. We promise. People who have completed all five years of this book swear that it is completely life-changing.


Sleep Therapy Sound Soother


Sometimes, you just need a little something to help lull you to sleep. Trust us, spring for this instead of streaming free YouTube white-noise videos. Sure, a playlist of waterfalls sounds like a good idea until you get waken in the middle of the night by the turbulent sounds of Niagara Falls.


Out to Sea i Print


Psychologists say dark blue helps clear the mind and light blue is calming. And who doesn’t find the ocean soothing? Because it’s abstract ocean as opposed to a photographed ocean, it fits in no matter the decor.




This bulb was created to work with your natural sleep cycle. There are 3 settings so you can be sure that your room is bright and crisp in the morning, warm and calm at night, and just right for all the times in between.


Destress Muscle Gel


Give yourself a little mini-massage before you settle in for the night. The cooling gel provides relief on body aches and the rosemary, black pepper, lavender and ginger essential oils are instantly calming.

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