11 Ways to Marie-Kondo Your Space (Without Losing Any Glamour!)

11 Ways to Marie-Kondo Your Space (Without Losing Any Glamour!)

It's easy, we promise.

By Katherine Kluznik

I have an admission: I am a hoarder.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you’d never guess it by looking at my apartment. It’s always been about as clutter-free as they come — mostly because of ample storage space that lets me hide anything extraneous neatly out of sight. In fact, I’ve been so good at keeping up appearances, that even I wasn’t aware of my hoarding tendencies until a major move forced a reckoning.

As I sorted through the contents of a two-bed I’d lived in for half a decade, I was astounded (and more than a little horrified) by the sheer volume of crap one person could shove into cupboards and closets — much of which I didn’t even remember owning.

It’s also the moment that I stumbled on the philosophy of Japanese organizational guru Marie Kondo. Three pages into her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I was a convert.

You can distill Kondo’s minimalist philosophy down into one tidy concept: “Surround yourself with items that spark joy.” It’s a simple enough mantra, and once I’d locked it in my brain, it allowed me to send literally dozens of boxes off to a better home (a.k.a. The Salvation Army).

Going minimalist, though, doesn’t mean I had to give up my maximalist aesthetic (or love of shopping). In fact, it gave me the excuse to invest in a few key pieces for keeping my life and space tidy, like ... Jonathan Adler’s bullseye catchall that leaves no doubt about where to toss my odds and ends ... and a set of pretty pink luggage that lets me tidy away my seasonal clothing. Oh! And pretty golden corner-shelves that let me showcase my carefully curated collection of joy-sparking items, just as they deserve. Here are some gorgeous options that will get you Marie Kondo-ed in no time.


Anthropologie ‘Codify’ Pencil Holder



Rifle Paper Co. ‘Shanghai Garden’ File Folders


Jonathan Adler Op Art Tray


Poppin Blush This + That Desk Set


Kate Spade New York Acrylic Stackable Organizer


Hay ‘Kaleido’ Tray


UO ‘Kiki’ Corner Shelf


Beautify Storage Trunks


Lula and George ‘Sarrah’ Shelf


Container Store Gold Lacquered Boxes


Wayfair Wire Laundry Hamper

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