We Found the Perfect Reusable Coffee Cups for Every State of Mind

We Found the Perfect Reusable Coffee Cups for Every State of Mind

Because your morning buzz doesn't need to come with a paper cup.

By Patricia Cunningham

Americans consume more coffee than any nation on earth. Hell yes we do! That’s how we accomplish so many things. Like not killing anyone who tries to speak to us before 9 a.m.

But with this glorious habit comes waste, a mountain of it. The paper cup that so nicely insulates your latte is not recyclable due to its plastic liner, which means the majority of disposable cups sold at coffee shops eventually end up at the landfill. It’s estimated that one popular coffee chain alone sends four billion cups to landfill each year.

Not good. So here’s a solution: Ditch the paper cup and get a reusable coffee mug. Your barista won’t mind. It might even save her some money. And, well, you get an opportunity to express yourself. Gone are the days when a travel mug looked like something grampa got for free from the auto parts store. Now, they’re cool, and you can find one that perfectly fits your mood. Congrats, your environmental waistline just shrunk by 23 pounds!

But First, Coffee

For when you’ve got your priorities in check.

I Am Very Busy

For the hustle.

Stay Woke

For after you’ve scanned the headlines.

I Don’t Work Here

For when the s**t hits the fan.  

Roast Blend Brew

For when you are too tired to give your barista the particulars.

Let That S**t Go

For your daily intention. Om.

Make Mine a Double

For the day after a night out with one too many.

Namaste in Bed

For calling in sick.

Coffee Is My BFF

For giving credit where it is due.

Cold Hands Warm Heart

For when you’re trying to get a date.

Here Comes the Fun

For Fridays.

Everything Is Gonna Be Ok

For when you’re weaning yourself off your anti-anxiety meds.

I'd Rather Be at Home with My Dog

For when you need to speak your truth.

I Work Hard So My Cat Can Have a Better Life

For remembering what it’s all about.

This Is Probably Wine

For being real. 

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