Couples Q&A: Toi and Rouvaun After The First Year

Couples Q&A: Toi and Rouvaun After The First Year

Discover how Rouvaun Walker keeps the flame alive and how these Newlyweds' lives have changed since their first year. How was your life changed since your first year? 

Rouvaun WalkerWe are pretty much settled in with each other after the first year of marriage. The first year of marriage is usually about transitioning from your individual lifestyle to a couple living together. Thus, we made our adjustments and compromises (not always you know) but they are complete. Other than that, nothing has changed for us accept we continue to grow together in love and trust. Life will continue to bring different circumstances, but we remain steadfast in love and help each other through any obstacles that come our way. The first year was just string of many to come; God willing. What did you learn from your first year? 

RW: Yes, we can write a book on Newlywed advice (LOL). Strive to be the best spouse you can be and if each of you puts the other first, you will never go wrong. Try  to understand the other persons point of view and don't sweat the small stuff. Even when life gets its busiest, break away; have time for yourself and each other. Keep those flames burning...when you do have disagreements, get over it quickly, as life is short and there is no need to waist it being angry with the one you love.

How We Met: Toi and Rouvaun
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RW: I learned I married a person, who wants to be a great wife to me. The first year only reinforced what I know on our second date (first one was in 1996) which was I am in love with my true partner for life and my best friend.


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