Newlyweds Q&A Craig and Brandon on Their Fertility Issues

Newlyweds Q&A Craig and Brandon on Their Fertility Issues

Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati open up about their troubles with trying to have a baby. Craig, why were you so hesitant to get your sperm tested after the doctor had asked? Brandon, why did you go out and get the tests yourself?

Craig Ramsay: I didn't want to hurt my sperms feelings if the test came back that it was busted. Honestly, because I consider myself a healthy and fit person I suspected that the fertility issues were all Bree.

Brandon Liberati: I picked up the at home tests because that's what a parent does ;). I knew Craig was totally avoiding finding out if his spunk was junk. Tell us what it was like finding out the results of the at home test.

CR: It was devastating and a huge blow to my ego. I also felt so guilty waiting this long and possibly affecting Bree's window of opportunity to get pregnant.

BL: I felt like we could finally move forward with a plan and that this would light a fire under Craig's ass to resolve it because this could also affect our plans of having a family. Tell us about the Cristal situation. Craig, did you realize Brandon had been harboring resentment and that asking her to be the egg donor would be a problem?

CR: I really didn't think it was going to be that big of an issue for Brandon. I thought I was being responsible by having a Plan B. I didn't think I was going to be sh** on. Brandon, do you feel Craig realizes how this makes you feel? What was it like watching the conversation that Craig had with Cristal?

BL:  He knows how I feel NOW, and if he talked to me in the first place he would have found out then! Watching him have his conversation with Cristal was bitter sweet - I felt bad for him, Cristal - *reminder* is OUR assistant for "Fit and Phab" -  was being so kind and generous by agreeing to help us, but watching it all take place from the outside still makes me feel left out and pissed off. #boundaries

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