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Newlyweds Q&A: Craig and Brandon on Becoming Husbands

Try not to shed a tear as Craig and Brandon gush about finally being able to legally call each other "husband!" (And husband sex). 

By Brandon Liberati
This Season on 'Newlyweds The First Year'... What were you feeling in the days leading up to the wedding? What were you most nervous about? What were you most excited about?

Craig Ramsay: I was feeling excitement, like an opening night on Broadway I’m ready for the show! I was most nervous about havng my parents, family and friends be comfortable and entertained. I want my destination wedding (Palm Springs) to be an exciting stress-free vacation for everyone. And I was most excited about getting to eat CAKE! #CheatMeal.

Brandon Liberati: I had that feeling you get when you are going to do something and you forgot what it was you wanted to do... I was freaking out! I was nervous I was going to forget something important - like our clothes or rings or even my, I mean my vows!! But I couldn't wait to have every person in the world that I love and adore in one place to party like rockstars. Looking back, what is your favorite memory of your wedding day?

CR: Being able to tell Brandon we were LEGALLY married. What a special and grateful moment for us and our loved ones who have supported us and our relationship for so many years. 

BL: Walking down the aisle and seeing Craig waiting to take take my kick ass manicured hands ( my gold glitter nail polish was sick) to start this incredible journey  together. What were you most looking forward to in married life?

CR:  Husband sex! And lots of it. There is something extremely hot about being intimate with someone who has taken an oath to partner through life with you. 

BL: Besides a honeymoon, I couldn't wait to stop calling Craig my "partner" which sounds so unofficial and start calling him my husband - I love saying it any chance I get! What was it like finally walking down the aisle and putting your love on display considering the recent legalization of gay marriage and your own personal journeys to love? 

CR: I can’t help but think of all the same-sex couples who have courageously fought for the right to love who they were destined to be with and never had the chance to see or experience this opportunity.  It’s torturous not to be allowed to love and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have this chance to share mine with this wonderful man and with the support of so many people at our wedding.

BL: I was walking down that aisle in honor of every gay person that NEVER had a chance to. I was breathing in every moment and step and NO ONE could take this away from me, I'm legally married and I got my ass kicked and beaten to be able to do this. 


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