Newlyweds Q&A: Tara and Rob on That Awkward Burlesque

Newlyweds Q&A: Tara and Rob on That Awkward Burlesque

Tara and Rob dish on their wedding day (and that unforgettable performance).

The Most Embarrassing Wedding Moment of All Time?
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Sign Up for Free to View What were you feeling in the days leading up to the wedding? What were you most nervous about? What were you most excited about?

Tara Radcliffe: I was a nervous train wreck leading up to the wedding! I had a ton of things that I still needed to do, I felt like the wedding was not going to look the way we had envisioned it, and I just couldn't handle everything that needed to be done before the wedding... On top of that, it didn't help that Rob looked so relaxed while I was hustling around! LOL! I was super nervous about how the two cultures (American and Iranian) were going to collide with one another at our wedding, and I was also nervous about my family and how they were going to react to everything at the wedding. I know that Iranians are very loud (and we love to party), and I knew that our wedding was going to be much more "relaxed." Overall, I was just worried that our guests would not have a good time. Although I was so nervous about so many things with the wedding, I was also super excited because of the obvious -- I was going to marry the man that I have spent many past lifetimes with, my soulmate.

Rob RadcliffeExcitement with a little bit of stress in hopeful anticipation that everything goes smoothly. Hopeful anticipation that everything goes smoothly. Marrying Tara and the ceremony. Looking back, what is your favorite memory of your wedding day?

TR: Without a doubt, our ceremony. It was such a beautiful moment between the two of us, and I felt so much love in the room!

RRSeeing Tara walk down the aisle in her wedding dress for the first time. How incredibly stunning she looked at that moment and how I thought

to myself, "I am about to marry my soul mate." Looking into Tara's eyes when I read my vows to her. What were you most looking forward to in married life?

TR: I was most looking forward to knowing that I have a life partner that I get to have so many amazing memories with! It felt amazing knowing that I was going to be married to my best friend, someone that understands every aspect of me and accepts all of me (the good and the bad).

RR: Creating more love and happy lifetime memories. What was it like watching the burlesque happen again? Tell us about that moment and if you would you still do it over if you could.

TR: Every time I replay that scene in my head I literally cringe in embarrassment! That had to have been the most embarrassing and most uncomfortable moment of my life! I could not believe that I thought it would be classy and that it would get our guests pumped up to party. Honestly, just thinking or talking about it gets me so anxious... I ask Rob all the time if he can give us another wedding so I can do it all over again, but this time without the embarrassing burlesque dancers!

RRWatching it now still makes me uncomfortable, but at least time has gone by and therefore it was not as uncomfortable as it was then. During the event I remember thinking, "Please, please, please stop this train. I cannot believe this is happening!" It was a terrible, surreal moment. As in the words of Star Trek, I kept thinking, "Beam me up Scotty" and get me out of here! Besides years ago when having a gun to my head while tied upped or temporarily lost at sea while scuba diving, this was the next most uncomfortable moment of my life. But now Tara and I are able to look back on it, laugh (kind of), and think, "So many things in our lives have gone way better than we ever dreamed of...but this was not one of them."

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