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Newlyweds Q&A: Rob and Tara on Their Honeymoon Disappointment

Rob and Tara Radcliffe spill the deets on the aftermath of their honeymoon that was over before it began - and that $2,000 shopping spree.  

By Tara Radcliffe
#Newlyweds Disaster! Rob and Tara's Honeymoon is Off! What were you feeling after not going on your honeymoon. Did you have any idea that this trip wouldn’t take off? 

Rob RadcliffeI was really bummed and frustrated...Yet at the same time I had compassion for Tara Radcliffe, because I knew she was sad, disappointed and terribly frustrated that her anxiety was getting the best of her.  

Tara Radcliffe: I felt so sad and defeated! I couldn't believe that we were not on our way to Italy! It felt like I was dreaming and I had total tunnel vision. I had no idea that my anxiety was so bad that it would actually stop me from getting on a plane! It was a huge wake up call for me to seek help and work on getting over my fear of flying... Rob, what it is like seeing Tara’s couples cam footage and her talk with her sister about her anxiety and the reasons behind it? 

RR: felt sad watching Tara being so upset while using the couples camera. I was happy watching her meeting with her sister because she have Tara very good advice, that the programming they were brought up with by her mom has be be reprogrammed. Perhaps Tara's breakdown leads to Tara's breakthrough. Tara, tell us about hearing Rob share his fears surrounding money considering his past with his father and struggle with addiction. 

TR: I knew from pretty early on into our relationship that Rob had some fears with loosing all of his assets because of his past with being homeless at one point in his life and with his dad losing everything. It was something that I hope he can get over one day, because it makes me sad that he has those fears surrounding money. He's so talented as a real estate agent and he's so motivated in life and because of that I know for a fact that he will always have his finances in order. What were you thinking during your lunch conversation surrounding finances? Rob, what was it like hearing Tara spent $2,000 that day and wanting to be in control of her own funds? Tara, what were you thinking when Rob said you were free make your own money? 

RR: I was a little frustrated because of the timing of a random shopping spree. It makes me happy when Tara is happy, and at times that is when either she alone or us together are shopping. We have fun shopping together, however there are times - like right after we just wasted a lot money on a trip that we did not go on - that was not the time to go shopping. That is a time for us to "pause with our purchasing" until I have recouped some funds.

One of the things I noticed and appreciated about Tara early on in our relationship was Tara is very conscious of the costs of things and smart with purchasing. For that reason she has access to our funds and can always make purchases for us or something she wants to buy for herself at anytime. It is only 10% of the time that Tara will want to buy something that is outside of my comfort zone and it is only then that I use my veto power and say, "Not now." Tara also knows and respects that I am very good with managing money and therefore will never allow us to be without it and although there may be a moment of disappointment, Tara knows that I want us to be smart and responsible with purchases and therefore sometimes our savings trumps impulse purchases and immediate gratification.

TR: When Rob said that I can go and make money, I remember having one part of me feel excited because I could go and make my own money again, and another part of me think, "Oh, sh--! I have to go make my own money!" Lol! It was bit of a bittersweet moment for me that caused me to go into some deep thoughts about what I should get into as a career.





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