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Where Are They Now? Newlyweds The First Year Season 3

See what the cast of 'Newlyweds' been up to since the Season 3 finale!

Newlyweds Season 3: Where Are They Now?

Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati How has your life changed since your first year? What have you been up to?

Craig and Brandon: Our lives have changed in so many amazing and phabulous ways since our first year! Starting with our first Fit and Phab Production. We have filmed and are releasing an interactive fitness experience called "Workout's a Drag," which is a collaboration with Rupaul's Drag Race star Pandora Boxx. The DVD will also include gym related beauty fitness tips. We have been looking for a storefront, hired a housekeeper and we HAVEN'T been camping! Do you have any advice to new newlyweds?

Craig and Brandon: Our advice to all Newlyweds would be to communicate, communicate, communicate, never tell your spouse to shut up, and have your own bathrooms. Would you do any moment over again? If so what?

Craig and Brandon: OMG yes! When we renew our vows, we both agree that we will change how we spend the days leading up to the ceremony, we won't agree to do our all of our bridesmaids hair again, and we are going to leave after the ceremony on a re-newmoon to a place that we can wear our tiny gay swim trunks and order cute fruity cocktails with umbrellas in them!  

Adonis Gladney and Erica Gladney

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A photo posted by Erica Gladney (@ericagladney88) on How has your life changed since your first year? What is your current relationship status and how was the time after Erica moved out?

Adonis and Erica: Since the first year of marriage, we have seen many ups and downs in our relationship. We have also learned a lot about ourselves and what it takes to make it through a first year of marriage. We are currently still together and are very happy. After the temporary separation there was a period when we did not know if things would work. However, after about two weeks of Erica being gone, we realized that we both loved and missed each other dearly. So Erica came back home and we have been happy ever since. We both realized that we belong together and that we will never let anything separate us ever again. Do you have any advice to new newlyweds? 

Adonis and Erica: We would like to just tell any Newlyweds that if you believe you have found true love, then try to make it work. It doesn't matter if you shout or if you scream, just dream your dream. Visualize how you would like your relationship to be, then take the actions to make it happen. Would you do any moment over again? If so what? 

Adonis and Erica: No, we do not wish that we could redo any of our past moments over again. We both believe that the past shapes who you are. Although we have been through lots of pain and suffering, we have both grown tremendously and we wouldn't change that growth for the world.

Tara Radcliffe and Rob Radcliffe

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A photo posted by Robert Radcliffe (@robradcliffe180) on How has your life changed since your first year?

Tara: My life has really been amazing since our first year of marriage! Our home is finally all done (with the exception of our backyard, which we are in the process of construction right now), and in the next couple weeks I will be launching my own blog called "Modern Girl Retro Soul" which is about my retro fashion, housekeeping tips, recipes and retro/historic restaurants around Los Angeles and any other city that I visit. I am really excited about the things that are to come in my life and I am finally in a place where I am starting to feel very grounded and focused on what I want and don't want surrounding me. 

Rob: With regards to Tara and I, a deeper level of connection because of experiencing more of life’s events as a partnership. What have you been up to?

Rob: Focusing my attention on our kids, my real estate business and promotion of my two books 180 Degrees and 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life, and being more active in the recovery community. Do you have any advice to new newlyweds?

Tara: My advice to any new newlyweds is to always find new ways to try to love one another more! Try new things with one another, experience new places, and enjoy this crazy beautiful journey that you both have with one each other in life. Remember that it was never a coincidence that your souls connected, so cherish and learn from each moment...the good and the bad. Also, Rob and I have an amazing set of "Date Night" questions that we ask each other every so often when we are having a intimate night out...they are very deep and powerful and they allow you to get to any core feelings you may have. I love them so much and I can't tell you how many times they helped us get through some deep rooted problems. 

They are as follows: 

1.) Do you have any expectations that are being broken?

2.) Is there anything I have promised you that I haven't delivered on?

3.) Do you have any concerns?

4.) What have you not had the opportunity to say to me?

5.) Do you have any needs that aren't being met?

6.) Is there anything that you would like to get acknowledged for?

7.) What are you happy about?

8.) What are you committed to in our relationship?

Rob: Tara’s answer nailed-it. Would you do any moment over again? If so what? 

Tara: Hmmm...that's a good question! Although, we had so many conflicts with the wedding, family, remodel, etc., there is actually not one thing that I would want to have been done differently (with the exception of that embarrassing burlesque performance!). I believe that there is always a blessing that comes from a hard time and after each strenuous thing that Rob and I went through, we came out the other end even stronger and with a deeper level of understanding with each other. It's a beautiful thing when although things get tough, you stick by your partner and let them know that you are willing to work hard for the love within the marriage. 

MPX Video: A Very Modern Family (10809796)

Rob: Yes. I would not have agreed to do the show. That has been my only regret. But as with a lot of life events, I am looking for the reason I agreed and I believe it happened for a reason. I am hopeful there is a blessing in there somewhere. Also, I wish Tara did not say "family bed" on TV.

Rob Brann and Rochelle Brann

My favorite color is a FL #sunset. #Newlyweds #RelationshipGoals @robbrannesq

A photo posted by The Bloggerella (@rowilliamsbrann) on How has your life changed since your first year? How has life been like with a baby on the way? 

Rob and Ro: Life has changed in many ways, the biggest being that Rob and I took charge of our marriage, and began functioning together as a team. Yes, ideally we would have had it all figured out before marriage but we learned to communicate authentically with each other, while re-discovering why we fell in love to begin with. Every day, we choose to journey through life as partners, and we've never felt more committed to the life that we're building!  

It's so ironic that we found out we were pregnant, just as the puzzle pieces of our first year of marriage were finally coming together. Admittedly, we did have a difficult pregnancy but all of the anxiety over my health dissipated the moment we saw our daughter and those instincts kicked in. We still can't believe we brought a little life into the world and there's nothing like recognizing one half of each of us in another soul. It's freaking awesome, we're both having so much fun and our little family is ready for the next chapter! Do you have any advice to new newlyweds? 

Rob and Ro: Honestly, there's no real rhyme or reason for what makes a relationship successful so follow your heart. Love is love! We're all haphazardly put in this universe, but if you're lucky enough to find the one person you're meant to be with, then it's best to make your own damn rules. Don't try to live up to any level of "marriage" expectation; simply be a good person, be open to growth and actively choose your significant other, each and every day. Would you do any moment over again? If so what? 

Rob and Ro: Definitely! We'd want an "I Do" re-do so we could get married at a time that allowed for our entire families to celebrate with us. So many grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins living in Europe weren't able to make our wedding and that was very tough. Who knows, we may have even considered getting married across the pond! An English garden wedding sounds so romantic and Rob saying his vows in a British accent would have been super sexy!

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