Hear Me Sing

Kelli talks about her singing career, and what it was like interviewing voice coaches.

Although it was only for a breif moment, I finalllly got to sing this week! I'll assume/hope that by now you get somewhat of an idea of how much I care about singing. My voice teacher interviews were quite interesting...not gonna lie! Each candidate I interviewed definitely had their own strengths, however were not exactly what I was ideally looking for.

After a long time of searching, I found Badiene- and you can tell how nervous I was as soon as I realized she was who I wanted to be my teacher! I admit I am quite fidgety, and Badiene recognized my constant hair pulling and nail biting as nervous habits. Overall, that day was a great experience, especially with the cameras present. You didn't see how involved my parents were in terms of my safety as I was meeting/ interviewing strangers, but please remember there was an entire camera crew with me during each interview! I was not alone; my parents were there through everything. My mother and father have both met with and spoke to Badiene countless times- my dad never misses a lesson!

I was so excited for everyone to finally hear me sing. The greatest feeling for me is after finishing a song and I hope that you've enjoyed what you have heard so far- there just may be more to come...

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